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Collectors Corner

Welcome to the Collectors Corner where we hope to be able to give you some interesting info on rare items, places to find them, what to look for etc.
We will endeavour to update this section of BeastieMania regularly, with information on new releases and promos as well as newly discovered older releases.  Interviews are going to be conducted as well with some of the larger collectors on the Beastie Boys scene.
Definitions For anyone starting to collect out there, this is something you should become familiar with, the general terms used in collecting records.
Hints & Tips We have also created a Hints & Tips section for collecting - so anyone out there getting inspired by the cool Beastie collectables in the Discography should give this a read.
Interview Our first interview is with someone who has been collecting Beastie Boys cds and records for years now.
Lets meet Beastienut.
Interview Our next interview is with our main contact in Italy and Spain.
Lets meet Xavier.
Interview Riemer ten Brink from the Netherlands is our next interview.
Missing for a few years but now back in action.
Interview Interview with Phonicoid
He pressed up his own Beastie Boys mixes onto cool blue vinyl
Interview Interview with No Identity Records
Two releases so far with Beastie mashups...
Interview Interview with Chad Polenz
Another collector on the scene...
Interview Interview with Rob Jay
Original creator of the Intergalactic Beastiality Remix...
Bootlegs An article about Vinyl Bootlegs - How to spot the fakes from the real releases, Pro's and Con's with buying bootlegs, and general information on Beastie Bootlegs.
Interview Interview with BigFatLove
One of the bigger collectors...
Interview Polycarbonate Lathe Cut 7"s
Info & interviews about Aglio E Olio on 2x7" and Some Live Bullshit 7"...
Interview Interview with Prof D
With around 600 Beastie Boys CDs/DVDs and Vinyl, meet a big time collector... BACK