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2005 The Year in Review

It seriously doesn't seem too long ago that we were compiling the 2004 Year in Review, but here we are again. So what has happened in 2005?

January saw the end of the World (Pageant) Tour with the band playing in Japan and New Zealand and then finishing in Australia as part of the national Big Day Out festival. Three dates were also planned in Mexico and Puerto Rico a month after the Australian tour but for some unknown reason these concerts were cancelled. At this stage no-one still has an official word on why the band pulled out of these shows. As far as playing live goes, nothing was really heard from the band for the rest of the year except for December 3rd when Adam Yauch joined hardcore band Fearless Vampire Killers during their encore at their CBGBs gig with the Zero Boys.

The guys hosted three radio shows in December. The shows were promoted through the official site and were webcast through Little Radio. They played a wide range of tunes from Run DMC to Sammy Davis Jr. and Kenny Rogers to Kanye West. During the first show they included a remix of 'An Open Letter To NYC' that Yauch just happened to come across.
During the last show, Horovitz was joined by Cey Adams and Jon Weiner. Mike was out of town and Yauch popped in the studio for a brief moment. Horovitz did say they would take a few weeks off for the Holidays but that the show would be back.

Money Mark was a bit more active in touring this year, joining the band for the Pageant Tour, as well as playing his own side show gigs and undertaking his own mini tours later in the year going to Scotland, Ireland and Japan.

However it was Mix Master Mike who took it up a notch and toured throughout the United States and Australia as well as playing festivals in Canada and Ireland.

"AuctionsQueen" was the username to watch on eBay this year when she(?) started selling items that came "directly from The Beastie Boys Archives". Proceeds from the charity auctions went to the Church Street School for Music and Art in New York. Some of the most popular (and therefore expensive) items were a jump suit worn by Mike D for a Grand Royal photo shoot (US$265), a "She's On It" rubber stamp used by Def Jam to put logos onto press sheets (US$189.75), and perhaps the more peculiar item - the Mark Heintzman Beastie Boys skateboard (US$203), which was in fact not an officially released deck. Other gems from this seller included a Run DMC + Beastie Boys 1987 World Tour Itinerary, a number of early gig tickets and invitations and possibly the best piece of merchandise we have seen in a while - the official Licensed To Ill airsickness bag!

Who would have thought we would have a new album two years in a row? Certainly not us, and although no new tracks were included, we were given one new video to check out for Brass Monkey. There were multiple versions released, but as far as interesting promos, nothing really came up.

Japan released an interesting version of Licensed To Ill in that it was a CD housed in a 12" sleeve. We're still a bit confused as to why, but we're not complaining.

Def Jam reissued both Licensed To Ill and Fight For Your Right on vinyl, as part of the "Def Jam Classics" collection (which also included Public Enemy, LL Cool J, Method Man, Ja Rule, etc). Although these were nicely put together, again there was nothing new for the fans.

Bootlegs flourished in 2005 with countless 12"s released and even one 7". One thing which we did notice was that some people were still choosing to mix Intergalactic instead of newer album tracks.

Mix Master Mike released a new album at the tail end of last year and to confuse matters titled both it and the first single from it 'Bangzilla'. 'Tranzmission' was the next single though this only made it to promo stage. These were all done through his new label Immortal Records.

Money Mark put out a 7" called 'Burn Away' which was limited to 1000 copies and then followed it with an album which was only released in Japan. A special edition of this was sold which included a Money Mark Kubrick Figure, complete with guitar and harmonica accessory. Again, this was limited to 1000 copies.

Each new year brings at least one or two previously unreleased recordings to the surface. Unfortunately it was the death of one of Beastiemania.com's closest friends and supporters, Bosco of Big Fat Love, that spurred the internet release of two mp3s from his days with Flophaus Society Orchestra, a group Mike D was also a part of. The two songs "Buddy Bolden's Blues" and "Muskrat Ramble" were both recorded in 1987 following the conclusion of Licensed to Ill Word tour.

As always we have been getting in some interesting emails sent here. There have been numerous people making films wanting to use Beastie Boys tracks in the soundtrack, from forest activists to fly-fishing guides to a documentary on an obscure german 60s band. We were also contacted by Fuse TV, the tour manager for Run DMC and the Beastie Boys 1987 tour, a Danish music magazine, The Cro-Mags, Tom Cushman, Sunny Bak, and a stack of fans from around the globe.

Rick Rubin

Some guy demanded that we give him a copy of one of the records in our Discography because it had his remix on it - we're a resource site, not a record pressing plant! That would have been the best email of the year had we not been sent a photo of someones very bizarre tattoo - a big sunglasses wearing Rick Rubin! Anyhow, keep the emails coming, we love the suggestions and content!

In summary, it seems Adam Horovitz spent 2005 behind the mix desk, creating remixes for the Juan MacLean, Rammstein, Lady Sovereign, and Beck, as well as producing four songs for the Teriyaki Boyz' release Beef or Chicken. Adam Yauch spent a significant amount of the year helping his uncle Nathaniel Hornblower edit the band's forthcoming concert film Awesome, I Fuckin' Shot That. As for Mike Diamond - you tell us!?

So what's in store for 2006? A new album? Three years in a row? Hmm, we won't be holding our breathe but there is always the possibility of an MP3 single. Maybe Capitol will reissue the albums in Super-Audio format? We wouldn't mind seeing more 7" bootlegs. We know of at least one book coming out next year and we have on good authority that it's going to be pretty cool (for a change).

The lucky camera operators that shot the Madison Square Garden show are invited to a special screening of "Awesome; I Fuckin Shot That" the first week of January. And a special concert performance was announced for January 23rd in Park City, Utah in conjunction with the film being shown at the Sundance Film Festival. The commercial release is slated for March 31, 2006 in "select markets".

And finally a special thanks to Jaysen for donating money to support our site!

Thanks for supporting us!

Staff at Beastiemania.com

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