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2004 The Year in Review

At this point last year there was a spark of hope that in 2004 the Beastie Boys would release a new album and maybe even tour, but then again we had the been hearing "new album will come out soon" rumors for the last couple of years. Now 12 months later not only have we been blessed with a new album, but also several singles, a world tour, a new clothing range and greater publicity.

For the collectors amongst us, the new album brought with it some great promotional items to track down including Interview Discs, Video-Clip DVDs, a Westwood One Live Recording, and a stack of official Promo 12"s and CDs. We were informed that "The Hiatus Is Back Off, Again" with the first Promo 12"s containing old favorites; and were then treated with the first single 'Ch-Check it Out', followed by the new album "To The 5 Boroughs", and the followup singles "Triple Trouble" and "An Open Letter To NYC". "Right Right Now Now" was also released as a Promo CD5, but at this point, that is the only format that has come out.

A huge amount of bootlegs have already come out featuring non-official remixes from the new album, due mostly to the fact that all of the singles feature instrumental and acapella versions.

Mix Master Mike and Money Mark also came out with new releases in 2004, with Mike coming out with an album and single using the name "Bangzilla" and Mark releasing an EP titled "Demo? or Demolition?" with rumors of a 2005 album.

2004 was a year without any major "unreleased" recordings surfacing, but a little known appearance by Adam Yauch on a Brenda K. Starr song "Suspicion" finally got the attention it deserved.

Speaking of new tracks, the song "This Government Needs a Tune-up" also was leaked before the 2004 presidential election...its appearance on the official site's message board leads one to believe that perhaps the Beastie Boys were involved in leaking this previously unreleased politically charged track that many fans regarded as "what 'In A World Gone Mad' should have been."

12 Countries had the privilege of holding Beastie gigs from May's small Promo Tour in Europe through to the start of the World Tour (known as the Pageant Tour) winding it's way through North America, Europe and finishing early next year in Japan, New Zealand and Australia. Various Music Festivals were included in the schedule including Summer Sonic, the Voodoo Music Festival, and Transmusicales, along with performances on select television programs like David Letterman and the Dave Chapelle Show.

With a new tour came new Limited Edition prints, and some amazing artwork was done by the likes of Chris Shaw, Bobby Dixon and Justin Hampton. Beastiemania had the pleasure of interviewing the art collective known as T.A.Z. on the numerous jobs they have done for the band and Grand Royal.

We also had chats with remixers Just Blaze, Colleone and Brainpower; Doug Pomeroy, an Ex-Grand Royal employee and Steve from 5BORO, the company who created an awesome looking skateboard deck for the new album.

Various people contacted us throughout the year, some asking for information, some pointing out mistakes, some offering help, and a lot of people just writing in to say hello. A few of the more interesting ones were from Steve Caballero (professional skateboarder), Ricky Powell, EMI, Much Music, Focal Point Television, Rolling Stone Magazine (AU), Exclaim! Magazine, someone who worked on the Fight For Your Right video-clip, and a young woman who claimed to have lost her virginity to someone we had listed in our "Who's Who" section and wanted to contact them again!

The official Beastie Boys website was also relaunched twice this year. The first version didn't seem to last too long and didn't go down too well with the fans, but the second version seemed to make people a lot happier. As a side note, we were contacted by people designing the official site asking to use our Discography information ["Now, no one can top Beastiemania.com, as we know. Hats off to you, it is amazing. We don't want to replicate what you've done. We would not do it justice, and we don't want to undermine what you guys have done. We do, however, think perhaps we can work together to cater to the casual fan interested in finding/buying music as well as offer up something to the more serious avid collector/fanatic interested in diving a lot deeper."]. After discussing technical details and sending samples through we didn't hear anything back from their side so we assume the idea and/or the person in charge was canned.

The Beastie Boys online community seems to have grown tighter than ever before, with many fans meeting in person prior to the tour performances. July was a sad time for the close knit online community when Jan Sablik (Exar) passed away. Although from Poland, he was known to many and the news was quite shocking. A mix of 'Ch-Check It Out' was even created titled "Tribute to Exar Remix" and found it's way onto a Japanese 12".

We at Beastiemania.com have juggled our busy lives along with work on the site, to continue to bring fans regular site updates and more and more information for those that collect Beastie Boys recordings. 2005 promises to be a great year here at Beastiemania.com with the launch of a couple of new site sections plus further development of existing sections. We love the fact that many people have written to us over the last year to help fill in gaps here and there and point out our misspellings, or as Mike D would say straight "falsifications". If you have anything to contribute, we would love to hear from you.

Thanks for supporting us!

Staff at Beastiemania.com

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