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Andy VanDette
Andy VanDette



Andy VanDette was an engineer at Masterdisk, a mastering studio located in Manhattan, where Paul's Boutique was mastered and sequenced.

In February 2003, a digital audio tape (DAT) recording of Paul's Boutique was listed in an eBay auction. This DAT was not a mass-produced copy of the album; it was one of Masterdisk's equalized original sequence masters. The winning bid was $102.50.

In an interview with, Masterdisk's chief mastering engineer Andy VanDette said, "I do believe they [Beastie Boys] approved the original sequence for the final, but I have no way of knowing 100% now. 1989 was before we computerized stuff like that. I know I made that DAT after sequencing the album with the Dust Brothers, Mario Caldato, Jr., Adam Horovitz, and Mike D. The label with the red underline could only have been made by Linda, our general manager at the time. Ah, seems like only yesterday."

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