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Adam Trese was the drummer in the Young and the Useless, the band in which Adam Horovitz was a member before joining Beastie Boys.

Trese wrote many of the songs that appear on the Young and the Useless EP Real Men Don't Floss, including "Home Boy," "Young & Useless," and "P.M.H."

In an interview with Beastiemania.com, Trese talked about recording the Real Men Don't Floss EP. "We recorded at Hi-Five Studios on Park Avenue South," said Trese. "Afterwards, I remember all of us getting take out. We ordered a whole bunch of burgers and shakes from a diner very late at night. I think it is still there and called Aristotle's. Jerry "Bloodclot" Williams mixed the album. I recall when he drove us to Boston and back for a show where they tried to pay us with pizza, but it's hazy. We made a second album a year later when Adam Yauch was at Bard College, but it was never released. I had learned to play the drums by that time so it was a much better record. I heard Yauch may have the tapes, or perhaps they're lost."

"That was a very poignant time for me, to say the least," said Trese. "I think it is because I really was so young and impressionable. I was the youngest member. I was thirteen at the time of the Real Men Don't Floss recording sessions. The scene was very small back then and a lot of fun. Back then Hillary [Snyder] was a short order cook not far from the Rat Cage. He would give me all the French fries I could eat when I would hang out with him late at night."

Today Trese works as an actor. His acting credits include everything from Broadway plays to independent films like Laws of Gravity (1992) and 40 Days and 40 Nights (2002) to television shows such as Law & Order, The Sopranos, and Rescue Me.

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