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Kenny Salcido, whose nickname is "Tick," is one third of the Latch Brothers, one of Mike Diamond's side projects.

Salcido worked at Grand Royal, where he was responsible for the label's college field representatives. He sent promotional materials (posters, records, and cds) to student field representatives, who distributed the items to college radio stations and independent music stores.

When Grand Royal magazine evolved into an internet-only publication, Salcido was asked to write what became a very popular column, titled "Tick's Corner." One of his most memorable pieces was about the Prunes. Having performed as a DJ himself, Salcido's insight into the Prunes' creative process was enlightening.

When Grand Royal ended, Salcido posted the following on the message board at Beastieboys.com:

To all the peoples...

I just wanted to say THANK YOU. I took my 1 month to write this because you must understand...I was with GR for 6 years!! I grew up here for real! To everyone who made Grand Royal what it was, is, and always will be. I wanted to thank anyone who picked up a Grand Royal record, requested a song, wore the GR Card & Dice logo like a soldier, and loved the magazine. My dreams started in 1995 when I walked through the Grand Royal doors, and worked my way through the ranks. I remember even before that, I would go to Top Shelf records and visit my man Lincoln who would turn me on to some cool breaks, and tell me about this label called Grand Royal. Who would have thought that I would write Tick's Corner, meet the people I met, and went on the road with bands like Atari Teenage Riot, Luscious Jackson, Bis, Ben Lee, Beastie Boys, Scapegoat Wax, and At the Drive in...etc. My life changed forever because of Grand Royal and I feel blessed every time I think of it. I befriended so many people over the years. I met some incredible people just over the phone who, though I have never saw their faces, but I saw their hearts and passion for music.

When the news came down that the company was about to come to an end...I had to admit I was very upset. Then I got a call from people in the GR Family, who said that change is a constant and everything happens for a reason. I feel there will be a void and over the years many people tried to bite what Grand Royal started. Maybe that's cool...maybe a kid who grew up watching what Grand Royal did will try and do something so incredible it will slap us all upside the head...can you all say Count Tickula Records...Just kidding!! No matter what, for me Grand Royal is my family. I grew up here. At an age when most are trying to figure out what to do...I was already in the mix. What made it so hype, was there was NO formula...only love for music that WE ALL BELIEVED IN. Tears roll down my face as I write this to you all. What were tears of sadness are now tears of accomplishment for ALL WHO HELPED BUILD GR. To anyone who reads this Grand Royal is NOT over. Take what you read, heard, and learned and carry it always. Shit...if you want, make your own "Grand Royal"...I am not saying make a record label but make something you believe in that is "Guaranteed Every time". I was a kid who had no idea what my future was going to be, I bought records, bobbed my head to the latest mix tapes, and my parents were freaking...Grand Royal gave me a career and opportunity. I now make music with the Latch Brothers, continue to write and try and be the best Tick I can be. In a time where we fear when uncertainty is near, please embrace it and know that there are no boundaries. 5 rules that Mike D gave me many years back...ADAPTABILITY, CONSTANTLY THINK, STAY TRUE TO YOURSELF, COMMUNICATION, BE OPEN TO SUGGESTIONS...now that's the real Blow Up Factor. Everyone on that message board who spit the positive I love you, all the rest of you who spit the booty and spread bullshit rumors you get my middle. JUST KNOW THAT GR will be something that could never go away for those who really believed it.

Much respect to the GRAND ROYAL Family past present and future.

We are GR SOLDIERS for life.


After Grand Royal's end, Tick parlayed his knowledge and love of music into a recording deal with Smilebit, the subsidiary/development company within Sega responsible for creating the Jet Set Radio Future video game.

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