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Three Bad Jewish Brothers

Three Bad Jewish Brothers



Three Bad Jewish Brothers is a musical act who performed on the stage of New York's Danceteria club in the late 1980s. With names like Funky Ishmael and Grand Master Jew, Adam Horovitz, Adam Yauch, and Mike Diamond took turns on the microphone and lampooned Run-DMC with the help of their friends Josh Cheuse and Kio Turner. Turner played the role of Grand Master Jew and would spit lyrics like, "Grand Master Jew is the one in charge, he rocks the torah, that's truly large."

A typical live performance would include satirical renditions like "Lox Box" and "Three Bad Jewish Brothers Looking Out for One Another."

A large part of the Three Bad Jewish Brothers appeal was the fact that they had a fresh look. They all wore dark suits and sported yamakas, which were tilted to the side and forward a little.

Sean "the Captain" Carasov shared how the group got their start: "Every month this promoter, Haoui, used to do a cabaret night there [Danceteria] where local scenesters would get together and put together a skit or do something nutty for a night of hilarity. They would replace the back hats and Lees that Run-DMC were known for with Hasid hats, hair, and long black coats and then would perform Run-DMC hits such as 'It's Like That.'"

When a group of Hasidic Jews made an appearance in the 1998 film Tougher Than Leather, which was directed by Rick Rubin, many fans immediately suspected the movie's credits were incorrect and the Hasidic Jews were, in fact, the Beastie Boys making a cameo appearance. The official press kit for New Line Cinema production of Tougher Than Leather lists the actors in the roles of Hasidic Jews as Vanya Edwards, Scott Gomez, Hugh Gilmore, Arthur Forte, and Frank Santopadre, respectively. For those of you with a copy of the movie, you can formulate your own opinion as to whether it was the Beastie Boys, Three Bad Jewish Brothers, or somebody altogether different.

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