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Ian C. Rogers
Ian C. Rogers

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It is the dream of every Beastie Boys fan who has his or her own site dedicated to the band: to be selected to work for the Beastie Boys on the official website. This dream is one that came true for Ian C. Rogers.

Ian's timing was perfect - still in college in the mid-1990s, he was working as a website designer in the fast growing realm of the world wide web. In 1995, the band noticed his work and invited him to take up the task of working on the official Grand Royal Beastie Boys site. Ian also did much of the work on early incarnations of the Milarepa website.

Along with the official website, Ian also was involved with the Beastie Boys unreleased cd-rom from 1994-95 entitled Don't Mosh in the Ramen Shop. Ian, along with Philip and Peter Fierlinger (who run, created the critically acclaimed cd-rom; but due to copyright problems the project was never released. Many fans had the opportunity to sample the unreleased cd-rom during the 1995 North American Ill Communication tour.

Probably what Ian will be most fondly remembered for by fans, was the day to day reports that he posted online during the Beastie Boys 1998 North American Hello Nasty Tour. Each day Ian would give fans an idea of what happened the night before, by adding digital photos and reviews of each concert. It was shortly afterwards that the Beastie Boys website got into a bit of trouble with Capital Records. The site featured high quality MP3s of live songs from the 1998 tour, and the record label did not approve. Ian had been a pioneer when it came to music on the internet. He was one of the very first people to use MP3 technology to make downloadable music to accessible on websites.

To this day, Ian maintains a presence on the official site's message boards. However, to stay current with Ian it is a good idea to check out his personal website from time to time. In addition to his personal site, there are also two really well written features about him (check the Relevant Links).

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