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The Prunes

The Prunes


The Prunes - MoWax


Pictured here to the left are two of three men from Denmark known as "the Prunes". For the record, their names are Simon, Christian, and Peder. Tick (of the late great Grand Royal) wrote the definitive feature on the Prunes for an installment of his Tick's Corner. From that feature, will come much of this entry.

As far as involvement with the Beastie Boys goes, the Prunes have done their share of remixes for the band including the Root Down "Free Zone Remix", Sure Shot "European B-Boy Remix", Negotiation Limerick File Remix, Putting Shame in Your Game Remix, and a Pass the Mic Remix.

After the Prunes took an acapella track of Sure Shot and remixed it, the Beastie Boys like it so much that it was selected to appear on the "Sure Shot" singles labeled as the "European B-Boy Remix." Following this event, the Prunes were contacted by MoWax and did some beat work for them. And, then after that they found themselves making more remixes for the Beastie Boys.

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