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Prisoners of Technology

Prisoners of Technology


Knowledge Magazine


The Prisoners of Technology are TMS1, DJ Magic and K Dub. Back in the hardcore days, TMS1 and K Dub worked together in the same studio. They worked as a duo until 1994, when they decided they needed someone who could help play and promote their music. In late 1994, TMS1 linked with Magic, who had been MCing and then DJing on pirates like Force, Pressure and Syndicate, and introduced him to K Dub. From there, the three decided to work together on tunes - forming The Prisoners Of Technology and Fresh Kutt Records (sourced from Knowledge Magazine).

Now why should you, a Beastie Boys fan, need to know who TMS1, DJ Magic, and K-Dub are? Because the Prisoners of Technology remixed "Intergalactic" in 1998 and made Drum and Bass listeners reconsider the track as being a huge crossover club favorite. Usually mainstream artists like the Beastie Boys are ignored by indie purists in the Euro DJ scene - that was not the case this time.

"Intergalactic's" space age feel really lends itself to the effects added by TMS1.When asked "What are the most important elements in a P.O.T. track?" The response was, "there's got to be meaning behind the tune, the sound has got to be as fat as it can be and it must have the ability to rock the dancefloor." We all know that "Intergalactic" met those prerequisites.

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