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Erin Potts
Erin Potts

The Milarepa Fund


As co-founders of the Milarepa Fund, Erin Potts and Adam Yauch would begin a quest to raise awareness to the western world and ultimately bring freedom to the people of Tibet. Having started the fund using the royalty money from the Beastie Boys songs "Shambala" and "Bodhisattva Vow", the Milarepa Fund grew in power and eventually woke the nation up with its first Tibetan Freedom Concert.

Erin and Adam worked long days and nights organizing the first Tibetan Freedom Concert which was held in Golden Gate Park San Francisco, CA. Erin's most candid interviews were filmed during those days in June 1996. One in particular that MTV ran repeatedly showed how Erin and her small crew of volunteers kept the daily work of the Milarepa Fund afloat.

The following year in 1997, fans saw the location of the TFC change to New York. Again, many of the biggest names in entertainment volunteered their time in support of the event. Adam and Erin's plight for a Free Tibet gained yet even more media attention. Yet, both were finding that it was getting more difficult each year to upstage the previous year's concert.

In 1998 Erin Potts and Adam Yauch took their nonviolent demonstration to the nation's capitol. Following two days of benefit performances at RFK Stadium, those who supported ending "favorite nation trading status with China" turned out on the Capitol lawn to protest and listen to speeches by the movement's leaders.

1999's Tibetan Freedom Concerts were met with little media attention. Organizers had decided to split their star power and hold concerts in three different countries. The concert in the United States was held outside of Chicago IL, and featured the Beastie Boys as headliners.

Looking back to when Erin and Adam first met in Nepal, it is difficult to believe that they would ever grow to be such a successful team. At the time (pre-Check Your Head) Adam Yauch was pursuing a developing interest he had in eastern religion and philosophy while Erin was studying abroad. It is retold in more than one magazine interview how Erin was not at all a Beastie Boys fan and found Yauch's presence unimpressive. Later when both were back in the USA, Yauch contacted Erin Potts and the rest is history.

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