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For the lucky few who own copies of the very first issue of Grand Royal Magazine, you have likely read the interview that Mike D did with the members of the Pharcyde. At that time, the Pharcyde members Tre "Slimkid" Hardson, Derrick "Fatlip" Stewart, Imani Wilcox, and Romye "Booty Brown" Robinson were riding high on the success that they had obtained with their certified gold debut release Bizarre Ride II the Pharcyde (1992). Powered by its catchy single "Passin' Me By," Bizarre Ride II to the Pharcyde proved to be another hip-hop classic put out by former Dust Brother Matt Dike's Delicious Vinyl label.

In 1994, the Beastie Boys headlined the popular Lollapalooza tour. As headliners they were encouraged to pick other groups and acts which they felt would enhance the tour. Thus, A Tribe Called Quest, Luscious Jackson, and the Pharcyde would all join the Beastie Boys that summer on what seemed like an endless tour. The following year the Pharcyde would release their sophomore follow-up, Labcabincalifornia (1995) which provided us with the hit single "Drop." Beastie Boys fans took immediate notice when Adrock and Mike D showed up in cameo roles during the music video for "Drop." In case you are not familiar with the song, Adam Horovitz's signature nasal sounding lyric "drop" from "The New Style" is featured as the main sample throughout the piece. When asked in Ego Trip Magazine how Adrock felt about being the most sampled of the three Beastie Boys, he responded with "It's not that many samples if you think about it.. It's like two samples off that first record (Licensed to Ill). It's not like they're sampling the Check Your Head album."

After having taken five years apart, the Pharcyde regrouped and released Plain Rap (2000) on the Edeltone label. Since that release did not achieve the same amount of commercial attention the previous albums had, the Pharcyde fell off the radar for most hip-hop fans. Perhaps their next release will have them working with the Beastie Boys and back on the map where they belong.

Lee Perry Dave Pinsky