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When photos of Adam Yauch and Bill "Billions McMillions" McMullen were first posted in the Sure Shots section of the official site's message board, fans were given a chance to put a face to a name. Prior to the message board postings, few people had any real idea who Billions McMillions was. Some speculated that perhaps he was yet another one of Adam Yauch's alter egos. At the time this made sense, due to the fact that Billions McMilliosn had been credited as having helped out on the promotional The Hiatus is Back Off, Again DVD (2004) in additional to some of's cooler downloads. As long as we're listing off some of McMullen's works, it should be noted that he also played a role in the design of Luscious Jackson's Electric Honey (1999) and the Beastie Boys' Negotiation Limerick File (1999).

It turns out that Billions McMillions is really graphic artist Bill McMullen, who got his start putting together show flyers while he was in school. Bill's talent landed him a job at Def Jam's design subsidiary "The Drawing Board" working along side legends like Cey Adams. After three years at the Drawing Board, Bill went out on his own to pursue other projects like Swish NYC. Similar to X-Large brand clothing, the Swish NYC line of t-shirts makes one contemplate taking on a second job. If shops in your area don't carry Swish NYC gear, you can always shop the online store from the comfort of computer chair.

If you look closely at the photos of Adam Yauch and Bill McMullen, you may notice what appears to be a customized Star Wars toy (an AT-AT: first seen in The Empire Strikes Back). Analogous to the way that the Beastie Boys combine pop culture references in their rhymes, McMullen combined the Adidas shell-toe shoe and the Star Wars AT-AT to make his vinyl hybrid "AD-AT" art pieces. The limited edition (1000 pieces) sells for around $75.00 online. For those who are really taken by the concept, a frame-able "AD-AT" print also exists. In addition to designing the "AD-AT," Bill McMullen has also crafted the "MPC Drum Machine Ring," which one has to see (Swish NYC's website has images) in order to believe. Even DJ Hurricane's gold Adidas sneaker ring pales in comparison to the detailed aspects of McMullen's finger sized drum machine.

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