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In 1985, the pairing of the Beastie Boys and Madonna on the Like a Virgin Tour seemed to make no logical sense at all. Yet, looking back on the careers of the two forces it makes perfect sense. Both Madonna and the Beastie Boys have successfully recreated their images time and time again. Who would have guessed the 'material girl' of the 1980s would become the sex goddess of the 1990s and later the perfect mother? Answer: no one. Who would have guessed the bratty beer can throwing Beastie Boys of the 1980s would become the social activists of the 1990s and later the world's perfect band combining elements of jazzy instrumentals along New York hardcore and rap? Answer: no one.

In 1985, the Like a Virgin Tour played to some of the largest venues in the nation. As the opening act for Madonna on the tour, the Beastie Boys played songs that were post- Pollywog Stew and Cooky Puss and pre-Licensed to Ill. Material like "Rock Hard" and "Drum Machine" were the mainstays in the band's short setlist. Madonna never spoke negatively about the band, even though her fans were very critical of the young white rappers.

The last fifteen years have been very good to both the Beastie Boys and to Madonna. It will be interesting to see where they both take their music and their identities in the next fifteen years. Perhaps a reunion tour will happen someday...the question then will not be who will open for who, but rather will anyone of us be able to afford concert tickets!

Mad Professor Ari Marcopoulos