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James Lavelle

James Lavelle



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If being the founder of one of the coolest and most respected record labels in the world isn't enough, James Lavelle is also half of UNKLE and has created countless remixes over the years for the likes of Garbage, The Verve, South, Blur, Beck, Cornelius, Radiohead, Massive Attack, Buffalo Daughter and countless others.

He started deejaying at the age of 14, dropped out of school at 16, and at age 18 he borrowed £1,000 from his employer at the time (Honest Jon's Records in London) and set up MoWax.

MoWax has grown from a small-time operation with a few select artists, to an international operation with a huge range of influential artists including DJ Shadow, Money Mark, Nigo, DJ Krush, Attica Blues, South, Blackalicious, Quannum, Divine Styler and heaps more.

A lot of the MoWax back catalogue is highly saught after by collectors due to their limited runs and impressive artwork - but mostly because of the amazing music.

"I'm into a whole concept, it's a whole scene. I'm totally involved in it. We cover hip-hop fused music. We want to do this rock hip-hop thing. We are gonna launch a mad hip-hop/thrash fused band, a young Beastie Boys kind of thing. I'm into the total energy of the Beasties and that whole kind of skate thing. I want that energy and total madness surrounding the whole idea." - James Lavelle

"I think I first met James at an open-air theatre. He was dressed as Bat Girl and I was in a Cat Woman costume. What he is doing with Mo'Wax is very substantial and rich in variety, that makes his work so original. And lastly a message to James: you need true love. I do hope you'll find it someday." - Mike D (Relax Magazine #46 December 2000)

On a last note, you can get your very own James Lavelle action doll, made by Nigo (the same person who created the Beastie Boys action figures). You can make him battle the Beastie Boys or join forces to triumph over your evil smurf collection - the choice is yours!

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