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Lady Sovereign, whose real name is Louise Harman, had a minor hit in England when she teamed up with Preston and released "Nine2Five". She came to our attention a little later in her career when Adam Horovitz remixed the song "A Little Bit of SHHH" for her Vertically Challenged E.P. (so named because of her short stature = 5 foot, 1 inch tall). The sticker on the front of the E.P. boast that she is "Rap's Latest Red-Hot Brit" XXL and that "Her Mic Skills are Undeniable" Spin. But, tag line that sells the album to Beastie Boys fans is that of Adrock, "She's got a punk rock attitude and she can rap." Adam Horovitz is not alone in that belief, Jay-Z and Def Jam's Antonio Reid had Lady Sovereign fly to the United States and audition for them. Following that November 2005 audition, she was promptly signed to Jay-Z's Def Jam subsidiary label "Roc La Familia."

Jay-Z and Def Jam called upon hip-hop's hit makers Neptunes to insure that Lady Sovereign's flow would not be lost upon American audiences. But, according to an article in the September 2, 2006 issue of Rolling Stone Magazine, those sessions were "unfruitful" and the majority of the album's work fell to British (east-London) producer by the name of Gabriel "Medasyn" Olegavich. Medasyn and Lady Sov have worked together on and off since 2003. With reports that the Vertically Challenged E.P. sold more than 25,000 vinyl copies on word of mouth, big sales numbers are expected from Lady Sovereign Def Jam releases. But don't go looking for Lady Sovereign's Public Warning (2006) L.P. with the expectation of finding more of Adrock's beats and production. The material Lady Sovereign and Adam Horovitz worked on together during the summer of 2006 was curiously left off the album. So one can add that to the list of other Beastie Boys, material that we hope some day will make it out of "the vault."

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