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The inexhaustible Just Blaze (Justin Smith) is perhaps best known for his work at Roc-a-Fella Records, where he has been one of that label's most successful in house producers. Having previously produced hit after hit for artists ranging from Jay-Z to Freeway, Just Blaze's remix of "Ch-Check It Out" gave fans of the Beastie Boys something to move their head to when that is what they needed most. Justin's contribution to the Beastie Boys catalog could not have come at a better time. After what seemed like an eternity of waiting for a new Beastie Boys' release, copies of the "Ch-Check It Out" single began popping up on eBay and other retail outlets in May 2004. It was not long after these appeared for sale, that MP3s of "Ch-Check It Out" and the Just Blaze remix began to circulate among internet users.

The Beastie Boys were not the first act to have Just Blaze remix a single. In fact, Just Blaze even did a remix for pop diva Mariah Carey. Do not get the wrong idea about him though, his multi-platinum work with street credible artists such as DMX and Busta Rhymes speaks for itself. Just Blaze's gift and ability find amazing samples has earned him a great deal of notoriety within the world of hip hop and rap, so much so that even Dr. Dre (formerly of N.W.A.) has approached him looking for beats.

As Just Blaze's list of album credits has grown over the past few years, so has his initiative. Similar to what the Beastie Boys did with Grand Royal; Just Blaze has started his own record label, and put the call out to unsigned talent to send in their unsolicited demos. That is not the only example of Justin's accessibility. He also has taken time to answer questions and communicate back and forth with fans that frequent the allhiphop.com message board. It goes without saying that the recording industry needs more class acts like Just Blaze.

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