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Having entertained legions of fans for years, the Beastie Boys are household names and living legends.

Yet, many of the people they have interacted with are not nearly as recognizable. Beastiemania.com feels that the more one knows about band, the more one can truly appreciate all that went into the creation of their music. From the various DJs to various percussionists, the Beastiemania.com Who's Who is an attempt to include everyone who has in one way or another contributed to the Beastie Boys creative spirit.


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Dave Parsons

Without giving much thought to it one way or another, you may have noticed that the Beastie Boys Ratcage Records releases begin with a catalog number designation MOTR. If you were ever curious as to what the "MOTR" meant, the answer is simple but rich in history ... more

Matteo Pericoli

Architect Matteo Pericoli is Italian by birth, New Yorker by choice, and the cover "ill"ustrator for Beastie Boys album To The 5 Boroughs. For those living in New York, it probably comes as no surprise to find out here that Pericoli's depiction of Manhattan's skyscrapers was not originally contracted nor intended to be the cover art for the Beastie Boys long awaited release. ... more

Max Perlich

You have seen him opposite the Luscious Jackson crew in the "Naked Eye" music video and also in the Adam Horovitz's movies Cityscrapes: Lost Angeles (1994) and Lost Angels (1989). But who exactly is Max Perlich? ... more

Lee Perry

Grand Royal Magazine issue #2 lists forty-five different nicknames for Lee Perry, but Beastie Boys fans know him best as Dr. Lee Ph.D ... more

The Pharcyde

For the lucky few who own copies of the very first issue of Grand Royal Magazine, you have likely read the interview that Mike D did with the members of the Pharcyde ... more

Dave Pinsky

David Pinsky has known the Beastie Boys for years and has traveled the world with them in 1992, 1994, 1995, & 1996 as a tour sound engineer. His day-job though is back in Minneapolis, MN where he runs Gark Studio ... more

Erin Potts

As co-founders of the Milarepa Fund, Erin Potts and Adam Yauch would begin a quest to raise awareness to the western world and ultimately bring freedom to the people of Tibet. Having started the fund using the royalty money from the Beastie Boys songs "Shambala" and "Bodhisattva Vow", the Milarepa Fund grew in power and eventually woke the nation up with its first Tibetan Freedom Concert ... more

Ricky Powell

"Life is just a bunch of errands, off of a checklist." Those are the words of photojournalist Ricky Powell, who since 1985 has been a constant fixture within the Beastie Boys inner circle. Through video and photos, Ricky Powell has documented tour after tour for the Beastie Boys. ... more

Prince Paul

At just about the same time the Beastie Boys released Licensed to Ill, Prince Paul Huston was beginning his recording career. In 1986 Paul joined Stetsasonic, and acted as the group’s sixth member and DJ ... more

Prisoners of Technology

The Prisoners of Technology are TMS1, DJ Magic and K Dub. ... more

The Prunes

Pictured here to the right are two of three men from Denmark known as "the Prunes". For the record, their names are Simon, Christian, and Peder. Tick (of the late great Grand Royal) wrote the definitive feature on the Prunes for an installment of his Tick's Corner ... more

Public Enemy

Few bands have changed the course of music and entertainment in the way that the Beastie Boys and Public Enemy have. Chuck D and Flavor Flav have been Public Enemy from the beginning, and whether Terminator X is behind the turntables or not, the jams have always been educational and hard hitting ... more

Puzzled Panthers

In 1996, Thurston Moore teamed up with Mike D of the Beastie Boys and Kira Roessler of Black Flag to form a super group called the Puzzled Panthers. Sadly, the Puzzled Panthers only released one song which appears on the Small Circle of Friends: Germs Tribute album ... more