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Having entertained legions of fans for years, the Beastie Boys are household names and living legends.

Yet, many of the people they have interacted with are not nearly as recognizable. Beastiemania.com feels that the more one knows about band, the more one can truly appreciate all that went into the creation of their music. From the various DJs to various percussionists, the Beastiemania.com Who's Who is an attempt to include everyone who has in one way or another contributed to the Beastie Boys creative spirit.


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Lady Sovereign

ady Sovereign, whose real name is Louise Harman, had a minor hit in England when she teamed up with Preston and released "Nine2Five". She came to our attention a little later in her career when Adam Horovitz remixed the song "A Little Bit of SHHH" for her Vertically Challenged E.P ... more

Large Professor

There are times when I can not improve on a biography that has already been written. This is one of those times. So the majority of this Who's Who entry has been taken from the official Large Professor site ... more

Latch Brothers

The Latch Brothers are Michael Diamond, Tick, and Wag. Their best known work prior to their involvement with the JSRF project were remixes. First they remixed a song for At the Drive In, who were on the Grand Royal record label at the time. Later, they also did a "Shake Your Rump" remix which can be found the Beastie Boys Video Anthology DVD ... more

James Lavelle

If being the founder of one of the coolest and most respected record labels in the world isn't enough, James Lavelle is also half of UNKLE and has created countless remixes over the years for the likes of Garbage, The Verve, South, Blur, Beck, Cornelius, Radiohead, Massive Attack, Buffalo Daughter and countless others ... more

Michael Lavine

Known for his work as an advertising and performing arts photographer, Michael Lavine captured the look and the feel of the Beastie Boys during the Check Your Head era and in turn showed it to the world ... more

Ben Lee

As the story goes, Mike D took an instant liking to the Australian act known as Noise Addict, which was fronted by the talented Ben Lee. After releasing Noise Addict's material on Grand Royal, Ben emerged as an incredible song writer and began his solo career ... more

Sean Lennon

In 1998 when Sean Lennon made a handful of talk show appearances to promote the release of his long anticipated Into the Sun album on Grand Royal Records, he was often asked why he chose Grand Royal over some of the larger and more widely distributed labels. More times than not his reply was that the Beastie Boys were his friends and that there was not the pressure to have a "hit" record with Grand Royal that there may have been had he opted to sign with a larger label ... more

Catherine Lincoln

Many of us would like to have swapped places with Catherine Lincoln (she worked for Capitol Records from 1987 through 1993). For the second half of that time she was the person at Capitol Records who would deal directly with Beastie Boys when it came to issues regarding upcoming releases. ... more

LL Cool J

If you have already read either LL Cool J's book I Make My Own Rules or Angus Batey's book Rhyming and Stealing: A History of the Beastie Boys, you may recall the following story of how James owes his start to Adam Horovitz of the Beastie Boys ... more

Luscious Jackson

Luscious Jackson's first release In Search of Manny was the first non-Beastie Boys release on the young Grand Royal Records. In 1992, many Beastie Boys fans took the time to write to the PO BOX which was given inside of the Check Your Head liner notes. Those who did were sent the the lyrics to the album along with an order form with which they could get Grand Royal and Beastie Boys clothing as well as the In Search of Manny recording ... more