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Having entertained legions of fans for years, the Beastie Boys are household names and living legends.

Yet, many of the people they have interacted with are not nearly as recognizable. Beastiemania.com feels that the more one knows about band, the more one can truly appreciate all that went into the creation of their music. From the various DJs to various percussionists, the Beastiemania.com Who's Who is an attempt to include everyone who has in one way or another contributed to the Beastie Boys creative spirit.


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Todd James

If you have ever been curious about who it was that designed the Beastie Boys' Brooklyn Dust Elephant logo (1992) then this Who's Who entry on Todd James in exactly what you have been waiting for ... more

Spike Jonze

Does he look familiar to you? He should. In the late 1990s, Spike was ubiquitous. He was everywhere at once. You could turn on MTV and there he'd be dancing in the video for Fatboy Slim's "Praise You" or... if you went to the movie theatre you would see him along side of George Clooney and Ice Cube in "Three Kings". ... more

The Junkyard Band

The Beastie Boys - Junkyard Band connection dates back to 1985, when the boys in the Junkyard Band were signed to Def Jam Records. A photo taken of both groups hanging out together at the contract signing party was later used for a Def Jam promotion 8 X 10 ... more

Just Blaze

The inexhaustible Just Blaze (Justin Smith) is perhaps best known for his work at Roc-a-Fella Records, where he has been one of that label's most successful in house producers. Having previously produced hit after hit for artists ranging from Jay-Z to Freeway, Just Blaze's remix of "Ch-Check It Out" gave fans of the Beastie Boys something to move their head to when that is what they needed most ... more