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Having entertained legions of fans for years, the Beastie Boys are household names and living legends.

Yet, many of the people they have interacted with are not nearly as recognizable. feels that the more one knows about band, the more one can truly appreciate all that went into the creation of their music. From the various DJs to various percussionists, the Who's Who is an attempt to include everyone who has in one way or another contributed to the Beastie Boys creative spirit.


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3rd Bass

Realizing the huge vacancy the Beastie Boys were going to leave in their wake, Def Jam quickly maneuvered 3rd Bass into position as the label's next great white rap act ... more

Cey Adams

Cey provided Beastie Boys fans with the famous "old school" style lettering that spelled out Beastie Boys on the album cover of the 1983 release Cooky Puss. Later he was present on the Licensed to Ill world tour (1986-1987) and has remained part of the extended Beastie Boys family attending the Tibetan Freedom Concert ... more

Arthur Africano

Although the Young and the Useless broke up back in the 1980s, the friendships and bonds that the band members formed then have lasted over twenty years. In one of the best ever articles written on the Beastie Boys, writer Joe Levy inquired about the making of the “Intergalactic” music video. Adam Horovitz responded with the following which was quoted in the August 6th, 1998 issue of Rolling Stone. “All of these people, we’ve known each other since high school. Arthur, the cameraman, I’ve known him since Kindergarten ... more


Fans and collectors of the Beastie Boys and DJ Hurricane, likely have heard of the Hurra’s involvement in releasing The Afros Kickin’ Afrolistics LP (1990) ... more

Against Me!

In 2006, Adam Horovitz teamed up with the Gainesville, Florida band Against Me! to create the Energize-O-Tron remix of "From Her Lips to God’s Ears (The Energizer)" ... more

Bad Brains

Seeking out and listening to a particular band's early musical influences appears to be a natural and ongoing phenomenon ... more

Bag Ladies

More of a clique than a band, the Bag Ladies were friends of the Beastie Boys and a memorable part of the early New York Hardcore punk scene from 1980-1981 ... more

Sunny Bak

Pull out your vinyl copy of Licensed to Ill and open up the gatefold jacket. Inside of the gatefold, you will find one of Sunny Bak's most well known photographs. If you don't own the vinyl for Licensed to Ill, a smaller black and white version exists inside of the cd booklet as well ... more


In proper chronology, the formation of BAN took place in late 1980. To put this into perspective, this would be following Mike D and Jeremy Shatan’s involvement in the Walden Jazz Band and just prior to the formation of the Young Aborigines. It is interesting to note that BAN was Michael Diamond and John Berry’s first attempt at making music together ... more

Bucky Baxter

In 1998, when the Beastie Boys were doing the pre-release press conferences promoting Hello Nasty, few people took them seriously when they spoke of a country album that had been completed as well ... more

Beat Brothers

The fact that Mike D, Thomas Beller, and Tom Cushman had all been part of a mysterious early rap side-project called the Beat Brothers left many fans scratching their heads in wonder ... more


In 1994 when Beck Hansen scored a commercial hit with "Loser," the media and many popular artists at the time labeled Beck as a one-hit wonder. Very few artists embraced Beck at that time; Mike D though was an exception. To the viewer at home watching Mike D and Beck appear together on shows like MTV’s 120 Minutes and Squirt TV it seemed like the two had formed a really strong bond ... more

Brad S. Benjamin

Brad has been an online force in regards to the Beastie Boys, since before many of us first came online. For example, it was Brad who, along with Ian C. Rogers, maintained the Milarepa Fund, Grand Royal, and Beastie Boys website from 1995 through 1998. Also if you recall the old "Beastielist", Brad was involved with running that from 1997-1998 ... more

Evan Bernard

To earn a mention in a Beastie Boys' song is perhaps the highest compliment that a person can ever hope to achieve. Although Evan Bernard has won some awards for his outstanding work in music video production, it is his involvement with the Beastie Boys and the fact that they lyrically dropped his name in "Get it Together" that earns him recognition in the Who's Who ... more

Adam Bernstein

Adam enters the Who's Who because he was the director of the "Hey Ladies" music video (1989). His commentary is present on the Beastie Boys Video Anthology DVD ... more

John Berry

In school, we are often taught about the importance of cause and effect relationships. In the Beastie Boys' early days, the importance of John Berry's contributions can also be viewed in terms of cause and effect ... more

Big Fat Love

The Grand Royal Records label served not only as a platform to release new projects by up and coming musicians, but also gave old side-projects like Big Fat Love an opportunity to be heard. The 1997 release of Big Fat Love’s Hell House album featured both new recordings, as well as older material that had been recorded at Secret Society on Centre Street around 1983 ... more

Eric Bobo

Following in the musician tradition started by his father, Eric Bobo was a drummer & precussionist before he met up with the Beastie Boys. Since his depature from the band, he has kept right on going ... more

Eli and Eric Bonerz

With boxing gloves on, Eric and Eli are the fashion industry's one-two knock-out punch. Eric and Eli Bonerz may not be household names, but I am pretty sure you have heard of the clothing company they are involved with: X-Large Co ... more


Bosco, who is another Brooklyn native, has been in several Beastie Boys related side-projects over the years; as well as some side projects of his own. If you own the Big Fat Love Hell House album, which Grand Royal released in 1997, you have heard Bosco's vocals ... more
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