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Christian Hosoi
Christian Hosoi

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When the books have all been written (and many already have been), Christian Hosoi will go down in history as one of the baddest skaters ever to ride. While Gonz and Natas ran the streets, guys like Gator and Christian Hosoi were holding it down on vert.

Christian was always in a class by himself when it came to style. He could bust huge airs on the vert ramp and then go wreck street courses. For proof of his versatility, one can just watch the Tempe contest from 1986. Hosoi used to compete in several high profile contests, then go home and tear through the street spots and ramps of Los Angeles, CA.

It is not clearly defined how he got to be such close friends with the Beastie Boys. Some speculate that it may have been through Max Perlich; others have said that it is probably just a case of the cool and famous in Los Angeles getting together. More than likely you have seen Christian skate in the Beastie Boys music video for "Pass The Mic". In the video he is skating the ramp which was at that time located inside of the G-Son Ballroom/Grand Royal Studio Complex in Atwater Beach, CA. Word has it that those backside airs were so large, that Christian put holes in the G-Son ceiling.

Since the Beastie Boys have moved back to New York, it is unclear as to whether or not they still stay in touch with their old friends out in California. Regardless, hanging out with Christian was not as easy as it once was. He got into some trouble with the law and was incarcerated on drug charges, although at the time of this writing, he is out and still skating.

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