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Rachael Horovitz

Rachael Horovitz


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With a father like Israel Horovitz, who is a play and screen writer, it comes as no real surprise that show business runs through the veins of the Horovitz family. Rachael, who is Adrock's older sister, started her film career with an acting appearance in Author! Author! (1982), at time when the Beastie Boys were doing small gigs in support of Pollywog Stew. Her brothers, Matthew and Adam Horovitz, have both taken on acting roles as well.

Rachael discovered that her true calling was not to be in front of the camera, but instead behind it. As a producer she has made the following movies: No Telling (1991), Separation Anxiety (1997), Next Stop Wonderland (1998), and State and Main (2000). Her production company is Fine Line Features which she joined in 1996. It is based out of New York, and this fact has played to her advantage."Having cultivated numerous high-profile relationships in New York's tightly-knit filmmaking community, Horovitz was instrumental in securing director David Mamet's next film, State and Main, for Fine Line." (quoted from the Golden Trailer website)

Now that Adam Horovitz has moved back to New York, he can see his sister whenever he wants to. She is the Senior Vice President of Production and Acquisitions for Fine Line features. Among other titles, Rachael Horovitz is working on I Was Amelia Earhart and Alexander Payne's About Schimdt. Also to her credit, Horovitz was a key player in the acquiring Bernardo Bertolucci's critical hit Besieged and was instrumental in getting director Michel Gondry's Human Nature, which is based on a script by Academy Award nominee Charlie Kaufman (who worked on Spike Jonze's Being John Malkovich), for Fine Line.

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