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Before Adam Horovitz's 2000 divorce from actress Ione Skye, rumors ran rampant that he was romantically involved with former Bikini Kill band member Kathleen Hanna. She is best known for her influence with the Riot Grrrl movement, which gained recognition during the early 1990s, as other indie acts like Nirvana were quickly being signed to major labels. Because the band hailed from Olympia, Washington, members of Bikini Kill were not strangers to the Seattle music scene. Their label Kill Rock Stars put out several albums for Bikini Kill, but by 1998 the group disbanded and went their separate ways.

Following the dissolution of Bikini Kill, Hanna used her home in Olympia, Washington, to record a self-titled electronica project under the alias Julie Ruin (1998). Shortly thereafter, Hanna teamed up with the New York-based electropop band Le Tigre, with the original intent of finding a band with which she could perform the Julie Ruin material on stage. Instead though, Le Tigre took on a life of its own. The records that Le Tigre would then proceed to release contained the same lo-fi electronica feel as the Julie Ruin (1998) album. Le Tigre's songs are comparable to those of BS2000; they both incorporate politically conscious lyrics with electronic pop. BS2000's co-founder Adam Horovitz completed a remix (41 Small Stars Remix) of Le Tigre's songs "Hot Topic" and "Mediocrity Rules."

In spring 2000, Adam Horovitz purchased a townhouse in Soho, in which he and Hanna began living together shortly thereafter. In December 2005, the two married.

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