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Born Norman Cook in 1963, Fatboy Slim turned the world on to trip-hop electronica dance beats in the summer of 1998. Having released the somewhat popular Better Living Through Chemistry album back in 1996, Fatboy Slim was poised to do something great when his 1998 You've Come a Long Way Baby dropped like a sonic wonder. Powered by the popularity of "the Rockafeller Skank" which was featured in one of the popular Gap Clothing Co. television commercials, You've Come a Long Way Baby began selling well in the United States. Yet it was not until Spike Jonze put on his dancing shoes for the production of the "Praise You" music video that Fatboy Slim would become a household name. When MTV placed "Praise You" into heavy rotation, many viewers mistakenly thought it was Fatboy Slim doing the dance steps in the video.

Riding high on the success of his album, Fatboy Slim was approached by the Beastie Boys to remix one of their songs from Hello Nasty (1998). The result was a remix that was so good that the band chose it for the music video in place of their original lp version. The track later reappeared with a much-coveted spot on the Beastie Boys: Sounds of Science Anthology.

When the British music magazine NME interviewed Fatboy Slim they asked: What record do you wish that you would have made in 1998? His answer was kind of surprising: "'Intergalactic: The Prisoners of Technology Remix" (unreleased version). The Prisoners of Technology's first remix of 'Intergalactic' is excellent, but I managed to end up with the only copy of it because the Beastie Boys nixed it. They didn't like it. It's brilliant - the speed is doubled up, it's a really pokey drum'n'bass mix - but what they did is speed the Beastie Boys vocals up slightly and, as I found out later when I remixed the next one (Body Movin'), the Beastie Boys are a bit precious about that. And so they released an instrumental version on the 12" instead, because they didn't want the vocal version released. But they made one test acetate of it, and the people from the record company very kindly gave it to me, so I have the only copy in existence. It's great, because whenever I play it around the world everyone just kind of freaks out when they hear it. It's such a shame because it's my second favorite track this year, and it didn't even get released."

Recently on June 20 2006, Norman Cook put out a Fatboy Slim greatest hits collection entitled "Greatest Hits: Why Try Harder." To coincide with the release, there was a five track single for "That Old Pair of Jeans" which featured an interesting remix of "Praise You" contributed by none other than Mike D and Adrock.

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