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The lithograph that EMEK did for Beastie Boys 1998 concert is arguably the band's most recognizable print. Although many fans own the inexpensive poster version, only a limited edition of 100 silkscreen prints exists. EMEK explains on his website: "Silkscreens look much, much nicer. More of the hand done feel, which makes each poster an original artwork, and it is really true, with silk-screening you can see and smell the paint on the poster. The actual original art is just a black and white drawing on a board with different layers of black and white overlays for each color. It is not until the posters are printed that the color inks are silk-screened through the layers onto the posters."

Having joined the ranks of other poster greats Kozik and TAZ, more and more collectors are considering spending their Beastie budget on one of EMEK's gallery worthy pieces which usually sell for around $100.00. "Silk-screening is more dynamic and convenient for the smaller quantities that I make... and because I take so much effort to make my posters I individually remark every poster. I take the time to draw a little original drawing on each poster in pencil and then I hand sign them too. I say buy them now before I become really famous or homeless." Since EMEK's Beastie Boys print is one of a very collectable line of silk-screens entitled the Bill Graham Presents series, Beastie collectors are not just in competition with fellow fans, but also with people who are trying to piece together the entire run.

When Beastiemania.com contacted EMEK to comment on the creation process of his now famous poster (many refer to it as the "Alien Madonna"), he revealed that his original design concept had the Beastie Boys being held by an artistically altered and enhanced Buddha. The Beastie Boys passed on that idea, so EMEK's next artistic challenge was to replace the Buddha with another spiritual icon...the Madonna.

EMEK was also contracted to create the cover of Mix Master Mike's 2001 release, which was then entitled Terrorwrist. However, following the tragic events of the World Trade Center bombing in September 2001, the album was renamed Spin Psycle. The cover was changed to a less stellar layout which featured a photo of Mix Master Mike. As a byproduct of the terrorist action against the United States, the stunning album cover art created for Terrorwrist was discarded. Fortunately though EMEK archived the image on his website, so that fans could see what might have been his most memorable Beastie Boys related work.

Eloise Steve Ett