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It is nearly every testosterone-driven teenage male's wish: a well-endowed, scantily clad woman in a cage. During the Licensed to Ill world tour, that wish along with many others was granted to the Beastie Boys.

Often referred to simply as "the woman in the cage," Eloise became famous in her own right, making appearances with the band while on tour in California, as well as during the infamous 1987 Joan Rivers Show performance. On that day, viewers got an up-close look at Eloise as she danced to "Time to Get Ill."

Eloise's past and present are both kind of cloudy, although Angus Batey, in his book Rhyming and Stealing: A History of the Beastie Boys, states that "a go-go dancer, Eloise, appeared on stage with the group, in various states of undress, usually in a cage."

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