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Dynamite D


Slabco Records


Dynomite D is best known to Beastie Boys' fans for his beats on the 1995 DJ Hurricane/Beastie Boys track ‘Four Fly Guys.’ Found on both the Jerky Boys Soundtrack as well as the DJ Hurricane Grand Royal Records release The Hurra, ‘Four Fly Guys’ secured a working relationship between Dynomite D and producer Mario Caldato Jr. To this day Mario and Dynomite D remain friends. But, Dynomite D’s work with the Grand Royal family does not end there...

Money Mark’s 1998 pop masterpiece Push the Button proves a difficult work to improve upon, yet two remixes stand out as being as good or better than the original versions. The Dust Brothers remix of ‘Maybe I’m Dead’ and Dynomite D’s remix of ‘Push the Button’ both truly add another dimension to the pair of already masterfully crafted songs. Dynomite D’s ‘Push the Button Espionage Remix’ was only released as a free MP3 download, which only adds to its electronic appeal.

With many Beastie Boys fans following the solo career of keyboardist Money Mark, it is not a far stretch to get into the music of turntable genius Kid Koala. More than likely you have already seen Kid Koala live in concert, since he toured with Money Mark’s band and the Beastie Boys during the 1998 North American tour in support of Hello Nasty. Over the years, Kid Koala and Dynomite D have worked together on several tracks. They just completed the second Bombay The Hardway project. Yet, most notably is the track ‘No Excuses’ on Dynomite D’s By The Way, which is available on both vinyl and compact disc from his website as well as from Slabco Records.

Another showcase of Dynomite D’s work is the newest album from Seattle based rapper Kirk Dubb. If you have not heard of Kirk Dubb or his flow, you are seriously missing out. Kirk and Dynomite D are perhaps the greatest one-two punch in underground hip-hop today. Booze and Madness features Kirk Dubb’s alcohol inspired rhymes mixed with Dynomite D’s creative beats. If you miss the days of Licensed to Ill, Kirk Dubb’s disc may be the refuge you have been longing for. To order Booze and Madness, Kirk's website is the fastest method.

You probably know someone that is the "cool kid". The person that had Eminem’s Slim Shady EP back when he was still unsigned talent. The person that always seems to know of a song that is just amazing, yet remains a well-kept secret in the music world. A "cool kid" owns Kirk Dubb’s compact disc Booze and Madness, and has both a disc of Dynomite D’s By The Way as well as a vinyl copy to maintain street credibility.

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