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Eric Bobo
Eric Bobo

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Following in the musician tradition started by his father, Eric Bobo was a drummer & precussionist long before he met up with the Beastie Boys. Bobo contributed to a handful of projects including: Proper Dos " Mexican Power (1992) and Papa Culture's "papa's culture, but.., (1993) around the time that he began collaborating with the Beastie Boys.

Eric's story of how he hooked-up with the Beastie Boys is given in great detail in issue #2 of Grand Royal Magazine. To paraphrase that article, Eric played Adrock and Ione's wedding. Then shortly afterwards, he received a call from Mike D asking if he would be willing to join the band on tour in 1992. He came in on the second leg of the tour and impressed the band.

From that point on, Bobo played on Ill Communication and then on the tours that followed its release. Even Hello Nasty features a small contribution on the part of Eric Bobo. However, Bobo never toured with the band to promote that album's release. Instead, Bobo was lured away by B-Real and Sen Dog of Cypress Hill to join their band. Since Bobo and the members of Cypress Hill had first met on tour with Beastie Boys in 1992, they had remained friends; it seemed like a natural progression to play with them. Subsequently, Eric Bobo has gone on to contribute to several Cypress Hill releases including 1995's "Temples of Boom", "Cypress Hill IV" (1998), "Skull & Bones" (2000) and "Stoned Raiders" (2001).

Back in 2006 Eric Bobo teamed up with LAUnion 1910 FM to do a series of Podcasts, which may still be available for free download from the Itunes store. These podcasts were a mix of Latin Hip Hop, Rap, and American Classic Rock. The real treat though was listening to Eric in between each selection. Most recently, Eric Bobo has been promoting the release of his solo album "The Meeting of the Minds Vol. 1," which we first heard about way back 2002 during our Beastiemania.com interview. We are excited about this project, and hope that Volume 2 will feature a guest appearance from the Beastie Boys.

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