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Evan Bernard


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To earn a mention in a Beastie Boys' song is perhaps the highest compliment that a person can ever hope to achieve. Although Evan Bernard has won some awards for his outstanding work in music video production, it is his involvement with the Beastie Boys and the fact that they lyrically dropped his name in "Get it Together" that earns him recognition in the beastiemania.com Who's Who. Now that Evan is no longer playing basketball in the Atwater Basketball Association, he is working for the good people at Chelsea Picture's subsidiary, The Production League of America. It is from their site that the following is quoted. "It wouldn't be fair to say Evan Bernard fell into his craft accidentally, but neither could it be said that the former Lollapalooza (1994) juice pimp planned to seat himself at the center of the newly launched, far from covert film/video/spot society that is, The Production League of America."

The Chelsea site goes on to say, "Bernard's proven versatility has him using video, film and DV and incorporating stop motion, 2D graphics and challenging angles into his visuals. The styles he coaxes from singers and actors range from the theatrical, to purposefully and comedically obtuse to down and out guy in a funny suit hamming it up to funky beats." To look through Evan's resume it would appear that he was at one point Grand Royal's very own video producer. Not only did Evan make the Beastie Boys' Root Down video and work on the Free Tibet movie, but he also did videos for Money Mark, Buffalo Daughter, Bis, Butter 08, Titan, and Scapegoat Wax. In addition to Grand Royal's slate of artists, he also worked on videos with some of the Beastie Boys' closest friends such as Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Cibo Matto, and Beck.

Evan does more than just music videos - he also makes cool advertisements, like the one he did for X-Large's retail business. The Chelsea website explained it like this, "...as is often the case in the world of short form, Bernard has directed commercials as well as music videos. A short promo piece for the X-Large Action Suit depicts actor John C. Reilly entertaining an attractive friend with his hi-fi and Action Man panache; (Reilly also appears in the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion "Talk About The Blues" video with Winona Ryder and Giovanni Rubisi). A spot for Red Stripe uses stock footage and a vintage look to bring the Jamaican peace process to the UN, while Snog, a British spot for snack food Hoola Hoops shows a clubber with a puppet made from a Hoop bag on his hand getting caught with a moistened palm when a sexy female finds the snack sack tasty. Bernard also directed the Nike Product Assault campaign and ads for Sony Playstation2, the WNBA and Virgin Radio."

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