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In proper chronology, the formation of BAN took place in late 1980. To put this into perspective, this would be following Mike D and Jeremy Shatan's involvement in the Walden Jazz Band and just prior to the formation of the Young Aborigines. It is interesting to note that BAN was Michael Diamond and John Berry's first attempt at making music together. The two had become friends after Jeremy Shatan had introduced Michael to John during a Joe Jackson concert. Although Michael was initially put off by John's outrageous dancing at the show, with Jeremy's encouragement they became friends and musical partners. Michael, then 15 years old, and John, 16 years old, would meet up at John's loft at 100th Street to jam together while Jeremy (also 16 years old) recorded the proceedings.

Initially, John played his acoustic guitar with Mike D accompanying along on his drum set. Occasionally, Jeremy would chime in on a marimba he borrowed from his parents. Before long the duo got more serious about their creative endeavors and invited an English girl named Brooke Pear to join them on vocals. For those who do not recognize her name, Ms. Pear was a girl that John Berry had met during summer school in 1980. She later went on to be in a group named Columb 88.

BAN was a short lived creative force which gave way as the Young Aborigines came together in 1981. Like BAN, the Young Aborigines would be based out of John's 100th Street loft. Yet the Young Aborigines would offer a richer sound, adding in Jeremy's bass playing and Kate Schellenbach's percussion skills. Within a handful of months, performance and recording opportunities would arise for the young musicians and transport their unique sound out of John's house and into the world.

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