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TV Appearance Info:
Date: 6 Apr 1998
Show: MTV News 1515
Country: United States
City: New York
Promoting: Hello Nasty
Language: English
Features: MCA, Mike D, AdRock


On April 6th , 1998 MTV’s Kurt Loder visited the Beastie Boys at RPM Studios in New York to find out more on the album that was later released in July as Hello Nasty. This segment remains one of the most talked about interviews in the band’s history. It not only offered up a taste of four of the band’s “new” songs, it also was the first time that many fans heard about Adam Horovitz’s side project BS 2000. A fair amount of time was given to discussing how Horovitz had compiled hundreds of floppy discs worth of beats and samples using his SP-12000 sampler. Some of those beats were included on BS 2000’s self-entitled debut album and others obviously appeared on Hello Nasty. The rest of those floppy discs, which are full of unreleased beats, are just begging to fall into the hands of fanatic collectors.