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TV Appearance Info:
Date: Mar 1987
Show: MTV Spring Break Weekend
Country: United States
City: Daytona Beach
Promoting: Licensed to Ill
Language: English
Features: MCA, Mike D, AdRock


Beastie Boys were on hand during MTV's Spring Break '87 weekend in Daytona Beach, Florida. In this segment, which looks like it was filmed inside of a bar, an instrumental version of "You Gotta Fight For Your Right (to Party)" plays in the background, and here and there the boys do a few lines of it. It did not really amount to a performance, and does not qualify as an interview either.


The Morning Call
March 27, 1987


Unsuspecting mattress factory worker Mark Werner was eating french fries at the McDonald's along the Nazareth Pike yesterday when three screaming, masked men stormed in to the restaurant, put a sack over his head and abducted him.

Werner, 20, winner of "MTV's Bodysnatcher Contest," was the hapless victim of the Beastie Boys, the rap 'n' rock group that volunteered to take him to Daytona Beach, Fla., for a weekend of sun, fun and MTV-related festivities. Last month, Werner, a son of Mr. and Mrs. Harold E. Werner Sr. of Nazareth, entered the contest by sending a postcard and a photo of himself to MTV. Werner works at Hillside Bedding Co., Lower Nazareth Township.

Contestants were required to send photographs of themselves so the Beastie Boys could identify the right person before they got him. Werner's name was drawn at random, and because MTV refused to announce the winner and ruin the surprise Werner had no idea he was the lucky winner until the moment they bagged him.

"We called his parents in advance and found out that he eats lunch at McDonald's every day on his break from work, so we decided to get him there," said Harriet Seitler, MTV vice president of publicity.

Werner's sister Holly, 21, and his friend, Jimmy Polcari, 21, had known since Monday what would befall Werner. They were with him at the time of the kidnapping to ensure that he wouldn't decide to leave the restaurant early or perhaps, on a whim, eat at Burger King.

"It was really hard to look at him in the face this week and not laugh," said Holly. "He'd see commercials for the contest on TV and keep going, 'I hope I win.'"

"I didn't expect it at all," Werner said, before boarding a charter plane along with the Beastie Boys, their entourage and MTV camera crews and publicists. Werner didn't have to worry about packing for the trip. "He gets $5,000 for a toothbrush or whatever else he needs," said Seitler. "And he'll be getting a bit part in (the movie) 'Revenge of the Nerds, Part II.' We're going to make him a star."

When asked what he would do with $5,000, Werner said, "Buy a car. I guess."

MTV is broadcasting college spring break events this weekend from Daytona Beach, which is why the contest was orchestrated to resemble a fraternity prank. The video for the Beastie Boys' hit single, "(You've Gotta Fight For Your) Right To Party," features a roomful of teenagers throwing pies at each other. MTV concert sponsors thought that the Beastie Boys, who cultivate an image of disruptive hedonism, would be the perfect group to surprise the contest winner. The group will present a concert April 5 at Lehigh University's Stabler Arena.

"We picked the Beastie Boys to do the kidnapping because they fit in with all the wildness down in Daytona at this time of year," said Seitler. "Also, because they're the No. 1 group in the country right now."

Stunned McDonald's patrons watched yesterday as the Beastie Boys, wearing panty hose and monster masks over their faces, burst in to the restaurant and began yelling and walking across table tops. "Where is he? Where is he?" they bellowed as they searched for Werner. They finally found him in a corner of the restaurant and quickly stuffed his head and shoulders into a sack, while MTV camera crews taped the event.

Although, for many, the Beastie Boys were probably the main attraction of the MTV contest, Werner says he doesn't like the band. "I always enter contests," he said, shrugging. "I wanted to go to Florida."

"It's sort of surprising that he entered the contest and he doesn't even like us," said Beastie Boy member MCA, adding that it wouldn't bother him if Werner admitted on MTV that he didn't like the Beastie Boys. "I think the public should know the truth," MCA said. "Besides, it's probably better for us this way. If he doesn't like us, he won't be annoying because he won't want to hang out with us all the time."

Despite the fact that the stunt was supposed to be a secret, news leaked out anyway. MTV personnel had alerted McDonald's management about the Beastie Boys' appearance a few days in advance, asking that it be kept confidential. But some at the restaurant thought that the phone call from MTV was a joke. Then, they began getting phone calls from people in the area.

"It's amazing how word gets around," said McDonald's manager Jack Shimer. "Somebody called up and wanted to reserve a table so they could see the whole thing. I told them, 'This is a fast-food restaurant. You can't reserve tables here.'"

Shimer said the Beastie Boys' antics weren't that different from what he usually sees on a weekend night at his restaurant. "You get a lot of people getting pretty crazy in here and doing the same things the Beastie Boys were doing.