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Since the winter of 1986-87, when the Beastie Boys first started appearing on television with some regularity, fans have made an effort to record and preserve these interviews and performances. Ten years later (1996-97), fans began trading VHS video cassettes thanks to the burgeoning use of the internet. Compiling various clips was a challenge because in the USA video cassette recorders are NTSC formatted, whereas in Europe they are set to either the PAL or SECAM formats. This difference in formats required footage acquired from overseas to be converted with expensive international VCRs.

Around the turn of the century (1999), there was a great deal of talk regarding VCR to DVD recording possibilities. However, many DVD recorders were not compatible with other DVD players. Therefore a DVD+R or DVD-R that had been recorded on one machine may not be recognized when play was attempted in another DVD player. This opened the door for VCDs (video compact discs) to briefly be the media of choice among Beastie Boys video collectors/traders. It was not long though until DVD recorders came down in price and manufacturers ironed out the compatibility issues. In 2003, fans began to digitalized and archive their old clips either with stand alone DVD recorders or with computer software and in-tower CD/DVD burners. With high speed internet connections in most homes, trading digitalized footage became as simple as the click of a mouse. File sharing had largely replaced the old days of buying blank VHS tapes or DVDs, packaging the media up, and standing in line at the post office for hours.

In 2006, everything changed again. With the advent of YouTube, fans could upload digital footage of the Beastie Boys for others to see, but not necessarily download. In the past, only a select few had access to these old television interviews and performances. The popularity of YouTube and similar video streaming sites has had fans questioning the context: the who, what, where, when, and why of when a particular Beastie Boys interview was conducted. Even during the old days of VHS tape trading, footage was often labeled inaccurately or not labeled at all. So the challenge for us at was to find a way to organize these television clips chronologically and when possible provide as much information as we can about them. If you have footage which he have not yet included or more information about an appearance please email us here at the following address staff at Beastiemania dot com.

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Date Show Country
29 April 1999 Z TV Music News Sweden
15 Febuary 1995 Z TV Sweden
July 1989 Yo! MTV Raps (Day 6) United States
July 1989 Yo! MTV Raps (Day 5) United States
July 1989 Yo! MTV Raps (Day 4) United States
July 1989 Yo! MTV Raps (Day 3) United States
July 1989 Yo! MTV Raps (Day 2) United States
July 1989 Yo! MTV Raps (Day 1) United States
30 May 1992 Yo! MTV Raps United States
30 May 1992 Yo! MTV Raps United States
30 May 1992 Yo! MTV Raps United States
January 1992 Yo! MTV Raps United States
January 1992 Yo! MTV Raps United States
October 1989 Yo! MTV Raps United States
1992 World Premier of So What'cha Want United States
14 June 2004 VIVA: Mixery Live Deluxe Germany
18 Febuary 1995 Viva TV Germany
12 June 2004 Viva Germany
25 Febuary 2007 Video Hits Australia
2001 VH1: Presents the 80s United States
2001 VH1: Presents the 80s United States
December 1999 VH1: Behind the Music Russell Simmons United States
2001 VH1: Before they Were Rock Stars United States
June 2004 VH1: And You Don’t Stop: 30 years of Hip Hop United States
2004 VH1 News United States
2003 VH1 Greatest Album Covers United States
1998 VH1 Before They Were Rock Stars United States
November 2000 VH1 : 100 Greatest Albums of Rock and Roll United States
16 June 2009 VH1 United States
1995 Unknown France
15 March 1992 Unknown England
17 Febuary 1995 Unidentified TV Station Poland
15 March 2006 Unidentified United States
1987 Unidentified United States
December 1992 TVFM Australia
May 1998 TMF Channel 9 Portugal
19 June 2009 The Tonight Show With Conan O'Brien United States
August 2000 The Learning Channel (TLC) Stand and Be Counted United States
1995 The History of Rock ‘n’ Roll United States
1992 The Box's Box Talk United States
1992 The Box's Box Talk United States
December 1994 The Box United States
October 1996 Team AJ United States
July 1998 TCI Cable Access United States
1992 Space Shower TV's Mo Beastie Mo Japan
1999 Space Shower TV Japan
3 Febuary 1997 Space Show TV Japan
1998 SOJA Portrait: Beastie Boys
1989 Siskel and Ebert At the Movies United States
1987 Showtime at the Apollo United States
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