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The female group Northern State announces that the track Adam Horovitz produced, "Sucka Mofo" is now available to listen to through their website. Meanwhile, the Beastie Boys continue to work on what will become the Mix Up in their New York studio.

Money Mark stops by Los Angeles CA radio station Indie 103.1 on Thursday January 18th to promote the release of his album Brand New By Tomorrow.


Fans get a look inside Mike D's home when footage Cooking With Tamra (Davis) pops up This kind of thing sends older fans into a panicked frenzy as they attempt various methods of "recording" (e.g. videotaping the computer screen) the footage for posterity.

The Beastie Boys fly to Australia with the plan that they will be testing out some new material for the Aussie fans attending the Good Vibrations Festivals performances (February 10 -18). When it is all said and done though, the band sticks to their more established setlist and proceed to play material from previous albums.

Following their time in Australia, the band travels to Singapore to perform at Fort Canning Park on February 19th.

Back in the United States, Money Mark stops by legendary record store Amoeba Music in Hollywood CA to do a live in store set (February 27th). On the same day, Money Mark also makes time for radio appearance on KCRW's Morning Becomes Eclectic.


Fans clamor and fight for tickets as the Beastie Boys summer concert dates are announced.


On April 6th, upon special request and booking the Beastie Boys perform at a corporate (by special invite only) 25th Anniversary Party in honor of Wieden + Kennedy which is a Portland Oregon based advertising agency. Meanwhile across the world, Beastie Boys fans sit home extremely jealous of the lucky 500 people who were able to attend.

The Beastie Boys turn out in support old friend Cey Adams, as he hosts an opening reception for a skateboard art exhibition at the Eye Jammie Fine Arts Gallery in New York on April 12. The show ran through May 7th.


One of the very first promotional copies of The Mix Up finds its way into the hands of a very privileged group of fans who proceed to provide the rest of us with a track by track review of the album. At the time (May 3rd), this online review was the scoop of the year since no other magazine or newspaper had provided any useful information past the fact that the album would be entirely instrumental.

On May 8th, a short video/audio video clip excerpt from the band's new song "The Rat Cage" premiers on the

On May 18th, a very unique Beastie Boys Collectable pops up on eBay. This item happened to be the Vision Skateboard that Adam Yauch owned during the Licensed to Ill days. The auction closed without any takers (keep in mind the minimum bid was set at $3000.00).

The Crocodile Cafe was the spot to see the Beastie Boys test out some new material from The Mix Up in a smaller venue on May 25th, 2007. This show was really just a warm for what was to follow at the Sasquatch! Music Festival held outdoors at the Gorge in George, Washington. The band played both days and generated a great deal of online buzz when an old b-side, "Honky Rink," turned up as part of the band's setlist.


The Mix Up quickly becomes the hottest "leaked" download of June begins. RAR files containing the entire album begin to circulate on or about June 3rd, and by the end of the week there are very few people remaining who resist the temptation to download the band's new album for free. What impact did all of this downloading have? Well, on July 8th, the Mix Up debuted on the Billboard 200 at number 15. However, sales of the album by July 11, 2007 were disappointingly low.

On June 5th, a shot is heard around the world when the source for the infamous sample "Shit, if this is gonna be that kind of party, I'm gonna stick my dick in the mashed potatoes" from "B-Boys Makin' with the Freak Freak" was revealed as being none other than comedian Mantan Moreland on the comedy album That Ain't My Finger. Following this revelation, online sales of Red Foxx and Richard Pryor comedy records plummet from their previously brisk sales level.

The Beastie Boys kick off their European tour in Lisbon, Portugal June 10th at the Alive Festival. This show is followed on the 11th with an all instrumental show at Lisbon's Aula Magna. From Portugal it is just a hop, skip, and jump over to Spain for the band to play Barcelona's Sonar Festival on the 14th.

Things did not go according to plan on the 16th in Greece though...shortly after the Beastie Boys went on stage, there was a breach in security that allowed people without tickets to fill the festival grounds. Reports that people wearing balaclavas and motorcycle helmets and holding large knives, iron bars and batons began looting and setting vehicles on fire. Needless to say the Beastie Boys were rushed off stage. The remainder of June's tour stops were safe and riot free.


The Beastie Boys start off July in Poland at the Heineken Open'er Festival. The tour then proceeds to stop off in Norway, Sweden, and Denmark before making its way back to England. After many more European concert dates, Beastie Boys venture as far as Japan to play at the July 28th Fuji Rock Festival.


A show in Penn's Landing, PA on August 1st marks the kick off of the 2007 Beastie Boys North American tour. For the first half of the month, the Beastie Boys play a few New York and New England dates. This includes the August 8th performance in New York's Central Park as part of the ongoing Summer Stage concert series. Whereas, the second half of the month is spent playing shows for Californians. Then after the August 25th's performance at Berkeley's Greek Theater, the group flies off to perform a short string of concerts in the United Kingdom.


Canadian fans (of which there are many) finally get to see the Beastie Boys live on September 19th, 2007 as the band touches down in Montreal for back to back performances. Next stop is Toronto before returning to the United States to conclude the tour in Chicago, IL on September 27th.


"Just saying..." for those who enjoy Adam Horovitz's Small Stars remixes, as of October 9th 2007 there is another song to track down. The album it appears on is Cannonball Jane's Knees Up! (a seven-track E.P.) and the name of the remixed song is "Take It to Fantastic."


United States : 24
England : 6
Australia : 4
Canada : 4
Germany : 4
Switzerland : 3
France : 2
Ireland : 2
Poland : 2
Portugal : 2
Spain : 2
Turkey : 2
Austria : 1
Belgium : 1
Denmark : 1
Greece : 1
Hungary : 1
Japan : 1
Norway : 1
Scotland : 1
Serbia : 1
Singapore : 1
Sweden : 1


Electric Worm : 2
No Sleep Till Brooklyn : 1
Rock Hard : 1
The Mix Up : 1
The Mix-Up : 24
The Mix-Up Sampler : 3
Bootlegs : 10
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