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Michael Diamond and Adam Yauch are interviewed on the CNN Financial News Network show "It's Only Money." The point that the Beastie Boys make during the short interview was that businesses can be socially conscious and profitable at the same time. Towards the end of January, the Beastie Boys once again put on their Quasar costumes to play a handful of shows in Australia and Japan.


Day two of the second annual Tibetan Freedom Concert gets underway in New York on June 8th. Along with seeing the Beastie Boys perform, fans also get to see Mike D sit in as a guest drummer for REM's Michael Stipe and Mike Mills.


In Washington, D.C. on October 29th, Adam Yauch leads a rally in Lafayette Park to protest the Chinese occupation of Tibet. The rally coincides with Chinese president Jiang Zemin's visit to the United States' capitol city.


With the release of the three disc Tibetan Freedom Concert set on November 4th, 1997 Michael Diamond and Adam Yauch decide to stop by the MTV studio in New York's Time Square and flex a little promotional muscle. Exactly one week later ( November 11th) Adam Yauch and Michael Diamond find themselves in England and pop into the Radio One studio in London to take a turn as guest DJs on the popular Breeze Block radio show. When questioned as to whereabouts of Adam Horovitz the duo state that he remained back in New York working on the album (Hello Nasty).


While reading through piles of worthless email, online fans were shocked to discover that after issue #6 Grand Royal Magazine would no longer be published as a bound magazine. Ian C. Rogers stated the following "I think that issue is pretty good all the way around. It's the last one, for a while. Grand Royal Magazine is officially "on hiatus". At least they're going out on a good note. The drummer stuff is amazing, the NBA stuff goes without saying, and the demo derby changed my life." As you may know, Grand Royal Magazine breifly took shape online but never again reached the same level of noterity.

Long time Beastie Boys fan Sean Lennon signs onto the Grand Royal Record label.


Australia : 3
Japan : 3
United States : 1


Check Your Head : 1
Hey Ladies + So What'Cha Want : 1
Sabotage : 2
The In Sound From Way Out! : 1
Under Your Skin : 1
Bootlegs : 2
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