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On February 1st, the Beastie Boys travel to Amsterdam, Holland where they will reherse for three days before moving on to Utrecht, Holland for a final two days of tour preparation and rehersal. While in Holland, the Beastie Boys do an interview with Jackie Farry for the MTV show "Super Rock." The band then kicks off a year of touring, with the first performance of the Polar Fleece Tour on the 8th of February in Paris, France. The tour continues on through February and into March while taking the Beastie Boys to many European cities that they previously have not performed in e.g. Warsaw, Poland and Ljubljana, Slovania. On February 28th, while the Beastie Boys are traveling to London, UK, Milk releases the Never Dated album which features Mike D and Adam Horovitz on the track "Spam."


After taking a day off on the first of the month, the Beastie Boys play a handful of concerts in England before moving onto Scotland. The Polar Fleece tour concludes on March 10th, with a show in Dublin, Ireland. Then they're given a few weeks to rest up before the next leg of touring takes them to the southern hemisphere.


On April 5th, six years after its initial release, Paul's Boutique finally achieves platinum sales status for 1,000,000 copies sold. Five days later on April 10th, the Beastie Boys board an airplane and travel to Sanitago, Chile where two days later they'll kick off their 1995 South American tour. From Chile they'll move on to Argentina and then conclude the tour in Brazil. After seven peformances, the band returns back to the United States on the 21st.

From the 22nd through the 25th, the Beastie Boys and their tour crew do the preproduction work for the upcoming tour at Sound Stage 28 at the Universal Studios backlot in Los Angeles, CA. Then kick off the Quadraphonic Stereo Tour of North America in Salt Lake City, Utah on April 30th, 1995.


The Beastie Boys release the Root Down E.P. on the 23rd. The album/cd features a collection of songs recorded live during concerts that they performed in Europe during the months of February and March. Along with the live tracks are a couple of "Root Down" remixes, most notably Prince Paul's PP Balloon mix.


After spending the entire month of May on the road touring the United States and Canada, the band takes the tour to California, Arizona, and wraps things up playing one show in Hawaii. On June 9th, the band and tour crew travel back to their homes.

Around this time, Bjork releases her "Army of Me" single with the Beastie Boys ABA All-Stars Mix on the disc. A couple other interesting remixes that flew under the radar of most get released in 1995 and are found Jon Spencer Blues Explosion's Experimental Remixes E.P. Beck, Mike D., and Mario C. all teamed up to jointly remix "The Flavor pt. 1" and "The Flavor pt. 2." A video for the song featuring Beck and Mike D was even created and clips were shown briefly when Mike D and Beck appeared together on MTV's Squirt TV.


On the 5th of September, Adam Yauch and the Dali Lama both speak at a Students for a Free Tibet rally held at Harvard University.

Shortly there after the Beastie Boys begin working on their next full length album, "Hello Nasty". During this time, Adam Yauch leaves California to move back to New York. Adam Horovitz will follow suit and leave California returning to New York. Michael Diamond will eventually also get a place in Manhattan, but will divide his time between New York and his California residence. At the recording sessions in New York the Beastie Boys are joined by their friend and tour drummer Amery "Awol" Smith. These early Hello Nasty sessions begin to take on a strictly New York Hardcore Punk feel. The decision is made to release this material early and keep it separate from what will later become "Hello Nasty."


On the 27th of October, Adam Yauch ventures to Oberlin, Ohio to speak at another Students for a Free Tibet rall held on the campus of Oberlin College.


On the 13th of November, the Beastie Boys release their eleven minute NYHC record/cd entitled Aglio e Olio. One of the tracks, "Nothing to Say," from the September 1995 NYHC sessions is held back and later released on the Music for Our Mother Ocean multi-artist compilation four years later.
Excited about the new NYHC e.p. that they just released, Yauch, Diamond, Horovitz, and Smith perform in New York on November 22nd. However, instead of playing to an arena sized audiences like they had been doing for the last two years, the guys decide it be fun to perform under the name Quasar and do a small punk show at Coney Island High. Their all punk set is comprised of covers as well as material spanning their entire catalog from Polly Wog Stew up through the freshly pressed Aglio e Olio.


Just in time to bring in the new year, the Beastie Boys travel to Australia to play a handful of concerts as part of the Summersault Festival; also on the bill are friends such as Beck, Thurston Moore (Sonic Youth), and Kathleen Hannah (Bikini Kill). The tour kicks off at the Royal Melbourne Showground in Melbourne on the 29th of December and after a day off moves to Sydney for the band's New Years Eve performance which was broadcast over the airwaves by Australian JJJ (Triple J) FM radio station.



United States : 30
Germany : 5
Canada : 4
England : 4
Argentina : 3
Brazil : 3
Australia : 2
France : 2
Ireland : 2
Israel : 2
Sweden : 2
Austria : 1
Belgium : 1
Chile : 1
Czech Republic : 1
Denmark : 1
Hungary : 1
Netherlands : 1
Norway : 1
Poland : 1
Scotland : 1
Slovenia : 1


Aglio E Olio : 8
Licensed To Ill : 4
Paul's Boutique : 5
Root Down : 25
Sabotage : 1
Some Old Bullshit : 1
The In Sound From Way Out! : 5
Bootlegs : 6
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