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Year: 1992 1991 | 1993

If there was ever a comeback year for the Beastie Boys 1992 was it. The band releases their critically acclaimed Check Your Head album and goes on to spend much of the year touring in support of it.


On February 13th, 1992, two months before the release of Check Your Head, San Fransisco fans get the opprotunity to see the Beastie Boys in concert at the now defunct I-Beam Club.


In England to promote the upcoming release of "Pass the Mic," the Beastie Boys play another pre-release concert at The Marquee on March 15th, 1992.


April proves to be a busy month of the Beastie Boys. They begin the month with an April 4th performance in Los Angeles, CA to benefit Act Up LA and the Magic Johnson Foundation. On April 7th, the "Pass the Mic" single is released. After starting out on the first leg of their United States tour, the Beastie Boys release Check Your Head on April 21st. Openers on this portion of the tour are Mike Watt's band fIREHOSE and Basehead.


The Beastie Boys spend the entire month of May on tour playing shows in the Eastern United States cities like Philadelphia and New York, to name a couple. While in New York, the band stops by the set of the MTV show "Hangin' with MTV" to perform as the show's "house band."


The Beastie Boys continue to perform night after night in June heading westward. Opening acts for this second portion of the United States tour are Big Chief and Fu Schnickens. On the 16th of June, the Recording Industry Arists Association certified Check Your Head as a gold record for sales exceeding 500,000 copies. The Beastie Boys though are in England playing shows at venues like the Manchester Academy and London's Town and Country. Following those shows the tour continues on with European dates in Belgium, Germany, and The Netherlands.


After three shows in Italy, the Beastie Boys return to the United States to take a short break before hitting the road again. This time it is the Southern United States that the Beastie Boys will be traveling through. Venues in Texas, Arizona, and California are the next stops for Beastie Boys and opening act L7.


House of Pain joins the band L7 as concert openers as the Beastie Boys' tour snakes its way across the United States. After only a few shows though, the Beastie Boys dismiss House of Pain from the tour. The Rollins Band then steps in as a second opening act to finish out the August tour dates before the Beastie Boys leave for a couple of performances in Germany.


After playing in Koln and Munich, the Beastie Boys fly to Japan. Once in Japan they'll play a few smaller shows at places like Club Citta and Club Quatro. Upon finishing the last Japanese set, the Beastie Boys fly to Australia for even more performances.


On October 1st through October 7th, 1992 the Beastie Boys play a handful of shows in the Australian cities of Adelaide, Melbourne, and Canberra before returning home to the United States. After a couple of weeks of rest, the Beastie Boys venture out for their fourth leg of the North American tour with shows this time in the Midwestern United States and Canada.


The entire month of November is also spent touring in support of Check Your Head. This time out the Beastie Boys bring along Rollins Band and Cypress Hill as their opening acts. On the 19th of the November, the Beastie Boys perform at the Sportatorium in Dallas, TX. A live recording of "It's the New Style" from this performance later turns up on the multi-artist compliation album "No Alternative" (released on November 9th, 1993). Part of the proceeds from the certified Gold level sales of this project went to fund the Red Hot Organization in their crusade against AIDs.


United States : 76
Australia : 11
Germany : 11
England : 6
Japan : 6
Canada : 5
Italy : 4
Belgium : 2
New Zealand : 2
France : 1
Netherlands : 1
Scotland : 1


Check Your Head : 32
Check Your Head MC : 2
Check Your Head Show Vinyl : 1
Finger Lickin' Good : 1
Frozen Metal Head : 6
Gratitude : 3
Jimmy James : 6
Pass The Mic : 12
Paul's Boutique Instrumentals : 1
Professor Booty : 1
So What'Cha Want : 10
Some New Bullshit : 1
Something's Got To Give : 1
The Biz Vs The Nuge : 2
The Skills To Pay The Bills : 3
Bootlegs : 5
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