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On April 26th, "A Kiss Before Dying" opens in movie theaters across the United States. The film stars Matt Dillion and Sean Young, and features a brief appearance by Adam Horovitz as "Jay Faraday" a motorist who dies shortly after picking up a hitch-hiking "Jonathan Corliss" played by Matt Dillion.

By combining elements of hip-hop and New York Hardcore, "Check Your Head" begins to take shape in the spring of 1991. However, by the end of the summer, the Beastie Boys decide to take a break from recording. During this break, Adam Yauch ventures to Nepal. While in the mountains, he meets a group of Tibetans who are fleeing from Chineese occupation to seek safety and exile in India. After hearing their stories and accounts, Adam Yauch returns to California to finish up the recording of "Check Your Head."

Throughout the G-Son recording sessions, the Beastie Boys put their take on some of the music that they find interesting at the time. This leads the band down avenues of jazz and soul-full funk and has Mario Caldato, Jr. recording hours upon hours of jam sessions. As 1991 draws to an end, in November the Beastie Boys find that they need to get away from the studio and gain some perspective. To accomplish this, they leave behind Los Angeles and head for a some respite in a finished cabin. While up at the cabin the band members spend time writing and re-writing lyrics. Sadly though, just as they get set to return to civilization, the Beastie Boys learn that their friend David Scilken has died. They then preceed to finish the album and dedicate "Check Your Head" in memory of Adam Horovitz's former The Young and the Useless bandmate.


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