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During the release week of May 5th, 1989 Lost Angels, a film that features Adam Horovitz in a starring role, receives postive reviews by film critics and even has Siskel and Ebert touting Horovitz's performance as reminiscent of a young James Dean. In the movie Adam Horovitz portrays a troubled youth growing up in Los Angeles, CA. His character, Tim "Chino" Doolan, shares similarities to the character of "Ronny" which he had played a few years earlier in the episode "Mama's Boy" for the "Equalizer" television series. The movie is not a box office block buster, but it does go on to take in a gross of $1,013,619.00.


Rumors of a new Beastie Boys album on Def Jam label begin to circulate based on claims made by Russell Simmons in an article published by the British music magazine "New Music Express." The article states that Def Jam plans to release "a collection of previously unreleased raps to which new musical backing is being added." The street date for this recording is said to be scheduled for six weeks after the July release of the Capitol Records album "Paul's Boutique."

On June 6th, 1989 the "Hey Ladies" 12" Promo is sent out to clubs and radio stations. Shortly thereafter, on June 30th the "Hey Ladies" video clip< premieres on MTV


On July 5th 1989 the Hey Ladies 12" and Cassette are released with the full length album soon to follow.On the 25th Paul’s Boutique is released in the United States. Just before the release of the album, a large party in honor of the Beastie Boys is held on top of the Capitol Records building in Los Angeles, CA. It features a group of clairinet playing musicians, the media, and yes the infamous Beastie Boys Records flag flapping in the wind. Everyone from the Beastie Boys to MTV reporters appear excited about the new album and the feeling at the time is that it is better than Licensed to Ill and therefore has the potential to be more successful.


At some point early in the month of September the Beastie Boys decide that they would like to tour in support of Paul's Boutique. The Beastie Boys' enthusiasm to go out on the road is met with resistance from Capitol Records excutives, who feel that touring without having a current hit single is not worth the investment required to promote a large scale tour. In place of touring, the Beastie Boys decide to do a few FM radio appearances and play a handful of small venues including a performance at the Country Club in Los Angeles, CA. It was at this show that the live footage used in the "Shadrach" music video was recorded. Less than two months after its release, Paul's Boutique is certified Gold (500,000 copies sold)by the RIAA on September 22nd.



United States : 5


Fight For Your Right : 4
Hey Ladies : 20
Hey Ladies / Respect : 1
Paul's Boutique : 61
Paul's Boutique Show Vinyl : 2
Shadrach : 7
Bootlegs : 3
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