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The Beastie Boys team up with Ric Menello and Adam Dubin again, this time it is to film the "No Sleep Till Brooklyn" music video at a club called "The World" in New York. Working with a slightly larger budget, the "No Sleep Till Brooklyn" video depicts the Beastie Boys lampooning the heavy metal music scene. Ironically it is this very concept that will give them notoriety, sell out shows, and fill Def Jam's pockets with money throughout the year. With the Licensed to Ill promotional machine moving from city to city, the Beastie Boys create their own version of Led Zeppelin's hotel destroying tour mayhem which they read about in the 1985 book (by Stephen Davis) "Hammer of the gods". For example, their January 15th appearance on the Joan Rivers Show is followed by some post-performance debauchery as Beastie Boys have some fun with the Creem Magazine reporter who was staying in the same hotel. The antics that ensued are later described in the May 1987 issue of Creem.


On February 2nd, Licensed to Ill is certified both Gold (500,000 units sold) and Platinum (1,000,000 units sold) by the RIAA.
The Beastie Boys fly out to Los Angeles, California to be on the Grammy Awards Show (February 24th, 1987).


As part of a special promotion done in conjuction with "MTV's Spring Break '87" and the "Revenge of the Nerds II" the Beastie Boys flew a lucky contest winner down to Daytona Beach, FL for a few days of fun in the sun. The highlights from Beastie Boys' time in Daytona were then broadcast on MTV for the rest of the nation to see.


On April 6th, Licensed to Ill goes multi-platinum for sales exceeding three million copies. During the course of the day the Beastie Boys make an appearance on Howard Stern's radio show to talk about their album's success.

While Michael Diamond is busy between Beastie Boys tour dates, his former Big Fat Love bandmates play their biggest show yet on April 23, 1987 Opening for Big Audio Dynamite at Iriving Plaza in New York.


On May 30th, just minutes into the performance at Liverpool's Royal Court Theatre a riot ensues as a rowdy British concert goers begin throwing cans and bottles at the stage. At first the Beastie Boys go along with the pandemonium, using the Captain's wood baseball bat to deflect the objects being thrown at them. Before long it is apparent that the performance will need to be cancelled for the safety of the performers and concert goers. Upon returning back to the hotel rooms, the Beastie Boys find the Liverpool police waiting to arrest Adam Horovitz on charges that his on stage actions resulted in injury to female who said she was hit by a beer. Adam Horovitz proceeds to spend the night in jail.


The Captain and Adam's father Israel Horovitz fly into England from the United States in order to appear in court before a powder wig wearing magistrate. Adam Horovitz faces penalty for assualt charges.
On June 25th, 1987 CBS Video releases the Beastie Boys VHS tape.


By the 10th of October more than four million copies of Licensed to Ill had been sold. Thus bringing the album 4X Platinum sales status and adding more fuel to the fire of frustration that the Beastie Boys have regarding unpaid royalty money. Matters escalate when Def Jam label heads Rick Rubin and Russell Simmons request that the road weary Beastie Boys return to the studio and record a follow up to Licensed to Ill. The Beastie Boys formally decline Def Jam's proposal resulting in what the record label feels is a breach of contract. A law suit is filed by Def Jam and a counter law suit for unpaid royalties is filed by the Beastie Boys.


While attorneys from both sides work towards a compromise, the Beastie Boys find their time occupied by other artistic pursuits. Adam Horovitz leaves New York to take on the role of Tim Doolan in the Hugh Hudson movie "Lost Angels." Production and filming begin on location in Texas, then wraps up in Los Angeles, CA. Michael Diamond rejoins Bosco and gets back behind the drum kit to play with the band Big Fat Love as well as the creative off-shoot group Flophaus Society Orchestra. Adam Yauch along with Doug E. Beans, Tom Cushman, and Daryl Jenifer form the super-group Brooklyn and begin rehersals at the 59 Chrystie Street Loft.


United States : 103
England : 8
Japan : 5
Germany : 4
Netherlands : 2
Belgium : 1
France : 1
Scotland : 1
Switzerland : 1


Fight For Your Right : 21
Girls : 9
Licensed To Ill : 10
Love Unlimited / Intergalactic : 1
No Sleep Till Brooklyn : 15
Bootlegs : 3
1986 1988