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After a call from Madonna's camp was taken by Rush Management, the Beastie Boys and DJ Double R (Rick Rubin) depart on the "Like A Virgin" tour as the opening act for the material girl. The Beastie Boys take the opprotunity in stride, despite less than adoring Madonna fans, and perform both in the Madonna look-a-like packed arenas and then again around midnight in clubs just before the tour busses depart for the next stop.

During these performances the Beastie Boys' set list was comprised of songs from their first Def Jam Recordings release the "Rock Hard" 12" (DJ002) as well as from Adam Yauch's solo effort the "Drum Machine" 12" (DJ004). For those that are curious, the record that Def Jam Recordings put out between these two releases was the Jazzy Jay (Jayson Byas) "Cold Chillin' in the Spot" 12" (DJ003) on which Russell Simmons contributes a vocal performance.

Copies of "Rock Hard" will later be withdrawn from circulation due to an uncleared sample of AC DC's song "Back in Black." A minor set back for the Beastie Boys who will go on to record "She's On It" and "Slow and Low" during the year.

Circuit II, a Detroit based group, release their LP entitled "Can't Tempt Fate" which features none other than Adam "MCA" Yauch on the track "Rock This (Take Me Out)." Adam Yauch also appears on the 1985 self-entitled Brenda K. Starr LP. The duo of Adam and Brenda team up on the song "Suspicion" which also gets released as a 12" single.


August 29th. The Beastie Boys and Rick Rubin have a premier screening of the "She's On It" music video at "the spot" which was a Thrusday night b-boy club located on the second floor of Danceteria. Jazzy Jay was the DJ for the evening.


On October 6th, 1985 the Beastie Boys along with the stars of the movie Krush Groove gather in New York's Times Square for the motion picture's premier. With a brief cameo in the movie and Rick Rubins positioning of the "She's On It" music video into heavy rotation on MTV, world domination is just months away.


On November 13th, 1985 the CBS televison station aires an episode of their hit series "The Equalizer" featuring Adam Horovitz as a guest star.


MTV holds their 5th Annual New Years Eve Rock N' Roll Ball which the Beastie Boys attend. The trio are given a brief opprotunity to speak about their upcoming release and plans for 1986.


United States : 51
Canada : 2


Rock Hard : 2
She's On It : 27
Slow And Low : 1
1984 1986