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In 1981 we see Michael Diamond and John Berry's project BAN come to a halt and a new band the Young Aborigines begin. By mid summer the Young Aborigines fade away and in their place, the Beastie Boys begin playing shows in New York. By year's end they record the Polly Wog Stew E.P. and set the stage for what will come in 1982.

In early 1981, The Young Aborigines a band consisting of Michael Diamond, Jeremy Shatan, Kate Schellenbach, and John Berry form. The group proceeds to assemble and record songs like "City Blue and Grey" and "Asshole" that arise out of their collective improvisations.


In March 1981, the group gets better at their rehearsal jam sessions and the next step for them is to perform live. Thus, the Young Aborigines get booked to perform at SUNY Purchase, but unfortunately the performance gets cancelled.


Adam Yauch drops by the Young Aborigines rehearsals as the band prepares for two upcoming shows on June 19. The first of these gigs is a show at 171-A, followed by a set performed at the Warehouse opening for UXA.


Although the Young Aborigines are well received during their two performances on June 19th, the band dissolves. This sets the stage for Adam Yauch to join Kate Schellenbach, Michael Diamond, and John Berry to form a New York Hardcore band called the Beastie Boys.


On August 5th, 1981 at John Berry’s house, friends like Ratcage Records store owner Dave Parsons come together to celebrate Adam Yauch’s 17th birthday. The Beastie Boys perform their first gig there and impress Dave Parsons, who states that he is thinking about starting a record label.

Throughout the fall of 1981, the Beastie Boys gain experience onstage and proceed to play a few short shows at the A7. Around the same time, the Triple Sly Crew, comprised of Adam Yauch, Sarah Cox, and Kate Schellenbach, would meet up at Kate’s home to rhyme over hip-hop instrumentals.


On November 8th, 1981 Jack Rabid books the Beastie Boys to perform at the Playroom. This was their very first paying gig.


After opening for the Bad Brains at Max’s Kansas City on December 11th, the Beastie Boys break up because as Michael Diamond said in the Some Old Bullshit liner notes, “It didn’t seem funny anymore.”

The break up doesn’t last very long though because Dave Parsons pulls through with an opportunity for the Beastie Boys to record the Polly Wog Stew E.P at 171-A in New York. The recording process takes two days and is later mixed by Scott Jarvis (formerly of Th’Cigaretz). By the time that Adam Yauch had puts the finishing touches on the layout for record’s picture sleeve, the Beastie Boys break up again.

Meanwhile on December 27th, 1981 Jack Rabid flys out to Los Angeles, CA to check out the west coast punk scene. While in Los Angeles, Jack Rabid is interviewed on the KROQ radio station. During the seventy-five minutes that he was on the air with DJ Rodney Bingenheimer, Jack puts together a selection of NYHC recordings to played over the Los Angeles airwaves. One of these selections was the demo version of "Egg Raid on Mojo," a recording later released on Some Old Bullshit.


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