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Nothing to Say Click for Lyrics

First Appearance: Music for Our Mother Ocean 3, 1999
Written by: Beastie Boys & Amery Smith
Performed by: Beastie Boys & Amery Smith
Production Notes: Produced by Mario Caldato & Beastie Boys. Mixed by Mario Caldato. Beastie Boys appear courtesy of Grand Royal/ Capitol Records


Featuring Michael Diamond on vocals, this 66-second New York Hardcore track appears to be a left-over from the Aglio E Olio session which was recorded in New York during August of 1995. If you were not previously aware of the existence of "Nothing to Say," it is likely due to the fact that it was only officially available on the Music for Our Mother Ocean 3 (1999) CD put out by Surfdog/ Hollywood Records. For the listener motivated enough to program his/her player, "Nothing to Say" fits very naturally behind "Brand New" and among the other Aglio E Olio tracks.

Of the three Beastie Boys, the special thanks section of the Music for Our Mother Ocean 3 only mentions Adam Yauch. From this information it could be assumed that Yauch was the one whom the Surfrider Foundation contacted regarding the band's contribution to this benefit disc. This was not the first time that a Beastie Boys song was featured on a Music for Our Mother Ocean benefit disc, but it was the first time that band contributed a previously unreleased piece. For more information on the Surfrider Foundation, visit

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