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Numbered Limited Editions Registry

The closest thing a Beastie Boys fan has in regards to an official fan club membership card is owning a copy of one of the few limited editions that have been released.

Fans from around the world are encouraged to register their numbered copy and join the club. To register, email us your details.

Anthology : Sounds Of Science 4LP
The In Sound From Way Out LP (Yellow Vinyl)
Some Live Bullshit 7" (Clear Vinyl Bootleg)
Shake Your Rump 12" (Clear Blue Vinyl Bootleg)
Shake Your Rump 12" (Opaque Blue Vinyl Bootleg)
I'm Down 7" (Colored Vinyl Bootleg)

To The 5 Boroughs Promotional Skateboard
Sasquatch Promotional Figure

Title : To The 5 Boroughs Promo Skateboard

Format : Skateboard Deck produced by 5BORO

Limited Edition : 500 Decks

Location : Top Side of the deck

Number Name City Country
194 Ari-Matti Lappalainen Kajaani Finland
369 KAV Dublin Ireland
391 Rusty Thibodeaux Lake Charles, LA United States
309 Tony Mulcahy (ebay: grovemead) London United Kingdon
306 Documad Minneapolis, MN United States
002 Damien Schuster Piedmont, SD United States
089 IKON.ONE Paris France
014 Walker Bower Chattanooga, TN United States
072 Steve Rodriguez New York, NY United States
157 Adrian Forde Glasgow Scotland
021 Ben Riley Canberra Australia
094 Chris Scheffler Chicago, IL United States
368 Jamie Clegg Chester United Kingdon
340 David Serpell Godalming United Kingdon
211 Craig Gallagher Baltimore, MD United States
047 Craig Gallagher Baltimore, MD United States
289 Davy Van den Bergh Willebroek Belgium
114 Martijn Huijgen Hoogeveen Netherlands
360 Joel Z Modesto, CA United States
323 Prof D Pittsburgh, PA United States
173 Nigel Rouse Luxembourg City Luxembourg
207 Tim Washington DC United States
413 b-grrrlie Stockholm Sweden
245 Nathan Combs Indianapolis, IN United States
060 Jeremiah Seah Sun Valley, CA United States