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The Young And The Useless Baboon Dooley Cartoon

Back in 2003, during a telephone conversation with Nick Cooper, it was brought to our attention that somewhere out there in the ether existed a cartoon that depicted the Young And The Useless. With a little bit of work and a fair amount of money, we were able to track down a copy of a punk'zine that featured the full page comic strip. Please note the following:

  • The first cartoon cell depicts the likeness of David Scilken (referred to as David Stiltupmahass in the next cell) standing out in front of David Parson's record shop The Ratcage. A punk flier for an upcoming gig featuring Regan Youth and Black Flag at the A7 club is seen in the lower left hand corner.
  • The second cell has David Scilken promoting his band "The Young and the Useless" (referred to here as the Young and the Brainless) to anyone that would listen.
  • The third cell has David further embellishing his band's accomplishments with the mention of releasing a full length record.
  • In the fourth cell David mentions the song'Rise and Shine' which appeared on the band's E.P. Real Men Don't Floss.
  • As the unwilling participant flees David's presence, Scilken continues to state the band's credentials and name drops 'Johnny Rotten' Lydon of PIL, who the Young and the Useless actually opened for.
  • The sixth and final cell depicts that even the sun in the sky has now become physically sick from David's self promotion and t-shirt changes.
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