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Unreleased Body Movin' Music Video

Back on September 14th, 1998 the Beastie Boys performed in Oakland, CA at the Oakland Coliseum. The performance was professionally recorded from multiple angles around the stage. From this footage, an alternate music video for the song "Body Movin'" was assembled but yet never released. The perfect occasion to have released this long forgotten gem, would have been back in 2000 when the Criterion Collection put out the 2 DVD Beastie Boys Video Anthology set. Yet, although the Beastie Boys Video Anthology was loaded with remixes and bonus material, the alternate Body Movin' music video was not included. Picture here below are several screen captures from the unreleased music video, that back in 1999 mysteriously made its way into trading circles.

Initially all that was known about the recording was that it was filmed at an Oakland concert. Yet, during the 1998 tour the Beastie Boys played two nights in Oakland. For those of us who are detail oriented, it was frustrating not to know which of the two shows the footage was from. After comparing the alternate Body Movin' music video to audience recordings of the Oakland performances, it became apparent that the footage was indeed from the September 14th, 1998 show.

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