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Rest In Peace Exar

With a heavy heart says goodbye to Jan Sablik, better known to our community as Exar, who recently passed away at the age of seventeen. Exar was one of the few fans in Poland who was known by others world-wide, all the while still being in his teens. Whether it was through the message board, or instant messaging and email, many of us were lucky enough to correspond with him as we discussed our common interest, the Beastie Boys. When fellow fans reflect back on Exar, they often mention the circumstances which led them into contact with him: it may have been through trading, discussing a song or album, or commenting on a live recording (a particular favorite). The one commonality in each of our experiences with Exar is he was always eager to talk about the Beastie Boys and was a great asset to our community. His enthusiasm and love were contagious and for that he will be sorely missed. Our deepest condolences go out to his family and friends.

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