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Title: Juxtapoz, June 2013
Year: 2013
Section: Magazines
Notes: From the press release:

It has been a year since the passing of one of music most prominent sons, Adam "MCA" Yauch. We wanted to do something special this year, and In tribute to MCA and the undeniable impact the Beastie Boys have had on our art and culture for nearly 30 years, we are pleased to announce our very special June 2013 issue: Beastie Boys, a visual history + tribue to MCA. The issue was curated and compiled by our contributing editor-at-large, Joey Garfield.

A big thank you to Haze for contributing his iconic handstlye to Juxtapoz' masthead this month.

For the special issue, we have interviewed every album cover artist, from Polly Wog Stew to Hot Sauce Committee Part Two, inner-sleeve artists, photographers, and even feature some of the outtakes that went into every album cover. We find the inside stories of how each album came to fruition through the experiences and artwork of each artist that is now part of the Beastie Boys canon.

We speak to Cey Adams, Haze, Arabella Field, World B Omes, Glen E Friedman, Ricky Powell, Todd James, Mike Mills, Matteo Pericoli, Bill McMullen, Bruce Davidson, Alex Grey, Kiino Villand, Sunny Bak... and, we interview Adrock of the Beastie Boys as he gave us the inside story and behind-the-scenes look at how each album cover was selected, from inside the band.