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Title: Beastie Boys and Jacob the Jeweler Charity Lunchbox
Year: 2008
Section: Misc.
Notes: A lunchbox auctioned to benefit the Food Bank of NYC. Photos courtesy of the Food Bank of NYC.

Description from the auction: "Diamond dust covered Jacob the Jeweler watch went on world tour and was photographed on famous and not so famous wrists. Includes photos of the watch on Ben Stiller, Santogold, Michael Stipe, Mario Batali, Tom Collichio, and of course, Beastie Boys.
Beastie Boys: Legendary hip-hop band: Combined Hip-Hop, Rock and Punk to create a groundbreaking signature sound; Critically and commercially successful albums (Licensed to Ill; Check Your Head, Pauls Boutique, Ill Communication) landed them a Nomination in September 2007 for induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Most recent CD, an entirely instrumental album, is entitled The Mix-Up. Long noted for their advocacy of the Free Tibet Movement, as well as activism closer to home, most recently during this election for Rock The Vote.
Jacob the Jeweler: Jeweler/Business owner. Rose to fame in mid-1990s after catching the eye of Faith Evans and Notorious BIG. Became and remains music industry's go-to-guy for jewels. Launched new flagship store in December 2004."

Sold for US$1,245.